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Today's Lowrider Cover by Sons of Dave.

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Today in History: Abraham Lincoln Assassinated 


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Monday 4/14/2014 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Sons of Dave Lowrider Cover
Marvin Gaye Abraham, Martin, and J ohn That's The Way Love Is
Bob Dylan Talking WWIII Blues
Sufjan Stevens Decatur
Best Friends Forever Abe Lincoln: My Head In Front of Your Head
Bo Diddley I'm Sorry 16 All Time Great Time Greatest Hits
Tom Ze Gloria
Funkadelic Knee Deep (Part 1) Knee Deep (Single)
Bootsy Collins I'd Rather Be With You Stretchin Out
The Moments Just Because He Wants to Make Love to You
Broadcast Before We Begin Ha Ha Sound
Hi-Tek Ft. Talib Kweli Time Sample Marvin Gaye's Time
Marvin Gaye Time
Eric Sermon Ft. Marvin Gaye Music Samples Marvin Gaye's I've Got My Music
Marvin Gaye I've Got My Music Capella
Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff A Touch Of Jazz Samples Marvin Gaye's T Plays It Cool
Marvin Gaye T Plays it Cool Trouble Man
King Krule Border Line 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
Homeboy Sandman Couple Bars First of a Living Breed
Lil Kim Crush on You Hardcore
Kool AD Rap Genius 63
Ahwlee Do It
Actress Rule Ghettoville
Shabazz Palaces Bop Hard Live Kexp Session