Augmented Fish Reality

DJ Gl0 Worm & Purple Hayes

Bringing you weird, minimal bleep bloops to help your sneep snoop >(=):) <-- a flounder



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Wednesday 4/09/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Autechre Further Amber
Kettel Clarity Ibb & Obb Original Soundtrack
Stimming The Origin STIMMING
Jon Hopkins Form by Firelight Immunity Domino
Tosca Annanas Suzuki
Flying Lotus Beginners Falafel Los Angeles Warp
Two Lone Swordsmen Sex Beat (Remix) Sex Beat
Skream Summer Dreams Skream! Tempa
Benga Light Bulb Diary of an Afro Warrior Tempa
Mount Kimbie Mayor Crooks and Lovers
Burial Raver Untrue Hyperdub
Scuba Flash Addict Hope/Flash Addict Hotflush
Prefuse 73 Smile In Your Face Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives
Bibio You Silver Wilkinson
Clifford Gilberto Restless I Was Young And I Needed The Money!
Animals On Wheels To A Void You Is All Now Nuvol I Cadira
The Irresistible Force 12 O' Clock It's Tomorrow Already Ninja Tune
Squarepusher Tommib Go Plastic
Coldcut Mr. Nichols Sound Mirrors Ninja Tune
Four Tet Angel Eyes There Is Love In You Domino Recording Company USA
Pantha du Prince The Splendour Black Noise Rough Trade
Aphex Twin Flim Come To Daddy
Casino Versus Japan Vessels That Float Out Of Metals That Sink (Part 4) Casino Versus Japan
Boards Of Canada Aquarius Music Has The Right To Children Warp sri lank
DJ Koze Royal Asscher Cut Amygdala