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An exciting new album has just been released featuring three veterans of prog. The Crimson Projekct, an offshoot of King Crimson, has three off and on members of the legendary band (Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Matelatto) together playing a hybrid mix of jazz/prog fusion. We'll hear a cut off the new album. They're on tour now in Europe and we're looking toward and announcement of an American leg. We'll also hear a 32 minute super-epic from the recent Transatlantic album. 

Since I'll be playing a few prog cuts from the late '60s, I'll forgo the Psychedelic Psunspot today. Remember our fundraiser on April 26th and show your love for prog in a tangible way.  


Progressive Rock

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Saturday 4/05/2014 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Anglagard Vangringer I Vislenhet Hybris Self-released 1992. Sweden
Renaissance Kings and Queens Renaissance Elektra 1969. UK
The Flower Kings Desolation Road Desolation Road InsideOut 2013. Sweden
Yes Something's Coming (stereo mix) Single Atlantic 1969. UK
Magma NoNo Attahk Seventh REX 1977 French
Colosseum The Grass Is Greener The Grass is Greener ABC/Dunhill 1970. UK
Thought Chamber Transcend Psykerion InsideOut 2013. California
Pendragon Comatose i: View From The Seashore Pure Snapper 2011. UK
Jethro Tull Mother Goose Aqualung Chrysalis 1971. UK
The Crimson Projekct Indicipline Live in Tokyo InsideOut 2014. Multi-national
Transatlantic Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope Radiant 2014. Multi-national