The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

DJ Rick and Fuzzbox Flynn covering tonight. 


Fartcore & Punk & Rock

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Tuesday 4/01/2014 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Mount McKinleys Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill 7-inch Mummified Sounds 1992
Milky Ways (Can't Seem To Find) My Way Back Home I Don't Need You Girl 7-inch Goodbye Boozy 2005
The Mighty Fevers I'm a Zombie Fuck'in Great R'N'R Dead Beat 2013
Teengenerate Just Head Smash Hits! Estrus 1995
One Size Fits All New Day Co-Cord Control 7-inch H G Fact
Slapping Bikini Money Maker Reason for Living 1999 Compilation Dan-Doh 1999
Straight Crimes Forget About It Kissed A Cop Smart Brains 2014
Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr Evil Ambush S/T Professional Driver Closed Course 2004
Red Asphalt Slave to the Beeper High Road to Obscurity Vol. 1 Compilation Grand Theft Audio 2000
Belastungsprobe Schweinehatz AE.T.Z. Play Loud 1981
Belastungsprobe Schade, dass beton nicht brennt Platzdruck 90 ATEU Play Loud 1981
Lenz Frozen Touch Frozen Touch Volar 2013
999999999 (All Nines) White Devils White Devils HoZac 2014
Guinea Worms/The In Out The Credit Card Slide Split Botulism Music 2014
Electric Eels Splitterty Splat Jaguar Ride HoZac 2014
David Peel and Death with Wayne Kramer Junk Rock Rock 'n' Roll Junkie 7-inch Hate 1979
Shatter Nightshift Untitled Fuck-Far-Out-Political 1991
Phased 4 Degrees F The Spider's Web - Hopeless Case Schtomp ... and Decadence P.B.B. 2000
No Less Rewiring - Hostile Split 7-inch with Laughing Dog Bad People 1998
Monkey 101 Heaven Cement Please! Don't Lick the Walls Compilation Rave 1991
Rotgut Kill Your Boss Please! Don't Lick the Walls Compilation Rave 1991
Fatal Erection Castrated by Love Castrated by Love 7-inch Erection Fatale 1994
Poison Idea Just To Get Away Feel the Darkness American Leather 1990
Real Cool Killers Just for Fun Just for Fun 7-inch Ultra Under 1994
Les Thugs Dreamers' Song As Happy As Possible Sub Pop 1993
Touched Gimme Your Heart Funeral Dress 7-inch Black Velvet Fuckere 2006
The Normals and Jeff Clark School = Shame The Street of Your Heart 7-inch Yakisakana 2006
Crash Normal Arg wizz Arg Wizz 7-inch Royal 1998
Obnox How to Rob (The Punk Years) Louder Space 12XU 2014
Obnox Riding Dirty Louder Space 12XU 2014
Obnox Part 1 Used Kids 12XU 2014
Noise, Johnny Help Me God The Day Is Coming Siltbreeze 2014
Pere Ubu 30 Seconds Over Tokyo The Hearpen Singles Tim/Kerr 1975