Kicksville 29BC

Tim Matranga

Some 'Timmy Treats' picked up at today's KDVS/Armadillow Record Swap, among other rare and classic R&B/Soul/Garage/Psych and a smattering of new stuff too!


60Rock & 60S Soul & Folk & Psych

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Sunday 3/30/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Five Blobs The Blob Columbia
Esquerita A Tear Everest
Ty Karim You Just Don't Know Wear Your Natural Baby Kent 1965 Kent Harris prod
Miracles Heartbreak Road Tamla
Barbara Lynn Unfair Jamie
Ascots Miss Heartbreaker Mir-A-Don
Carol Fran You Can't Stop Me Port
Fabulous Emotions Number 1 Fool Nico / Tamboo
Celestrals Keep Your Hands Off My Baby RCA Victor promo 45
Willie Mitchell Strawberry Soul Solid Soul Hi
June Bateman Possum Belly Overalls Shaw
Zu Zu Blues Band Zu Zu Man A&M
Mask Man & the Agents Roaches Wolf Call Norton
Safaris Kick Out Valiant
Lil' Boys Blue I'm Not There Bat Wing
Haunted 1-2-5 Amy
Round Robin I'm The Wolf Man Domain
Everiste off Do You Know the Beast No Smoke
Fergusson Tractor Desperation Blues
Rabbit Mackay West Grogan Dormitory Blues LP Uni
Sunlight & the New Seeds Diamonds in the Rough Emerald Light
Bobby Jameson Vietnam Mondo Hollywood Tower
Earth Island Doomsday Afternoon
Stained Glass Lonely A Scene In Between Big Beat
Turtles Sound Asleep Chalon Road Rhino
Inside Looking Out Long Live Sivananda Peculair Hole in the Sky Big Beat
Weeds Stop NWI Fred Cole
Lollipop Shoppe Who's It Gonna Be Angels From Hell RE Reel Time
Joseph Stoned Age Man Stoned Age Man Scepter
TIME Trust In Men Everywhere Smooth Ball Liberty
Bump The Song 2 R Shadoks
The Robbs Violets of Dawn s/t Mercury
Thursday's Children A Part Of You Epitaph For A Head R Get Back
The Robbs Violets of Dawn s/t Mercury
Colours Who's Been Sleeping Voluptuous Doom Frantic
Mu Ballad of Brother Lew Mu Guerssen R Merrell Fankhauser
Arthur Gee Whizz Band Thank You Very Much City Cowboy Tumbleweed
Duffy Power Louisiana Blues Heads and Tales Transatlatnic
Les Temps Hereux Hope