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Emerson, Lake and Palmer blazed a new trail and paved the way for many other progressive rock artists to be as daring and revolutionary as they.  I'll lead off with one of the great prog tracks of all time from that great band. 

If you thought my last few shows were too soft and quiet, I'll change all that today with some heavier prog, including Steve Morse, Sun Caged, Tool and Planet X

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Progressive Rock

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Saturday 3/29/2014 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Knife Edge Emerson, Lake and Palmer Sanctuary 1970/2004; UK
National Health Tenemous Roads National Health Affinity 1977; UK
Steve Morse Band Weekend Overdrive Southern Steel MCA Records 1991; USA
Catafalchi Del Cyber E Adesso Facciamo I Soldi Benediktus Und Vobis Quoque MaRaCash Records 2010; Italy
Deep Feeling Classical Gas Deep Feeling This Records 1971; UK
Oceansize One Day This Could All Be Yours Effloresce Beggar's Banquet 2003; UK
Steve Hillage The Salmon Song Fish Rising Virgin 1975/2007; UK
FM Slaughter In Robot Village Black Noise One Way Records 1977/1994; Canada
Capitolo 6 L'Ultima Notte Fruitti Per Kagua BMG Ricordi 1972/2011; Italy
Pink Floyd Mother The Wall EMI 1979; UK
Tool Schism Lateralus Tool Dissectional 2001; USA
Planet X The Thinking Stone Quantum InsideOut 2007; USA
Pink Floyd The Trial The Wall EMI 1979; UK
Yonin Bayashi Ishoku-Sokuhatsu Ishoku-Sokuhatsu Erebus 1974; Japan