Settin' The Woods On Fire



Americana & Country & Rockabilly

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Friday 3/28/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Dee Mullins Guilt Box The Continuing Story Plantation
Linda Garnette I Might Come Home Tonight
Cliff Carrol Someone For The Night She Can Hold Country Feeling
Merle Haggard Drink Up And Be Somebody I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Merril Clark Booze Talkin' Hold On And Love Her Expand
Joe Carson Who'll Buy The Wine In Memoriam Liberty
Riley Crabtree Poison Mind 7" York
Carl Butler That's Alright 7" Okeh
Carl Belew I Gotta Go Get My Baby Carl Belew Wrangler
Scottie Lou and Don Beyond Those City Lights 7" Corner
Francis Lanier Colder Day By Day 7" York
Hank Williams I'm Satisfied With You
Merl Lindsay I Live For You
Ray Price City Lights
Peggy Upton & Danny Buck Alone, Sorry and Blue
Ernst Tubb I Know My Baby Loves Me
Howdy Kempf That Was Yesterday
Carl Phillips I Read You Loud And Clear 7" York
Big Bill Lister All I Want To Hear You Say You Love Me
Cliff Rodgers and His Buckeye Pals Will Ya or Won't Cha' 7" Leroy's
Rufus Shoffner & Joyce Songer It Always Happens To Me
Patti Lynn Same Old Blues
Bill Hicks and the Southerneers Blue Flame
Jimmy Lee You Ain't No Good For Me
Chuck Hess Jet Flight Country and Western Favorites
Chet Adkins Big Daddy Hometown Guitar
Peggy Upton Prince Charming
Kathy Dee The Ways Of A Heart
The Wetherly Brothers I Feel The Blues
Bob Gallion Start All Over Again
Ferlin Husky Walkin' and Hummin'
Tommy Scott Dime A Dozen
Carl Butler and Pearl Too Late To Try Again
Scotty Howard You Showed Me
Johnny Carver Sybil's Right
Buzz Martin Two Times A Day
Don Bowman Wrong House
Les York Ocean Of Sorrow
George York After Tomorrow
Jenny & Jill In The Dark
Gayle Griffith I'm Gonna Anchor My Heart
Gayle Griffith I'm Gonna Anchor My Heart
Owen Sisters You Pulled A Funny On Me
Jimmy Click Polecat Hollow
Jimmy Click Polecat Hollow