Apartment 5

baby d


a manic monday

to be sure.

but never fear.

we're making lemonade

down here.

it's yr man baby d.

let's do this thing, you and me.

- baby d


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Monday 3/24/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
virals coming up with the sun
disco boys sometimes
der englische garten der wind, das gras, die sonne
birdskulls alley gorey
the librarians this grey reality
emily chris r.
the undertones here comes the summer
the spinanes spitfire
#poundsign# disaster
sissybar sad to say
poastal here
pillow intruder
swimsuit dolphins
art museums dancing with a hole in your heart
art museums imaginary day
silkworm incanduce california
the raincoats no one's little girl
the cave weddings last time
bikeride god's kids
bulldozer crash sarah said
musical chairs going crazy
musical chairs dream of tomorrow
birdie spiral staircase
moto places we used to go
papas fritas lame to be
gypsophile a treasure like (the lazy dance)
kittens having kittens untitled #1
cannanes frightening thing
nacho business running
the orchids something for the longing
the herbs under your spell
melodie group only forever
tiger tape just a cat
mountain goats island garden song