Beyond The Stench Of Death


 Tonight will feature a mess of bands playing at some prime shows within the next 3 months including Festum Carnis, Metal Alliance Tour 4 and Carcass!


Hard Rock & Heavy Metal & Metal & Rock

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Friday 3/21/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Blood Tsunami Unholy Nights For Faen! Indie Recordings 2013
Inquisition Spiritual Plasma Evocation Obscure Verses For The Multiverse Season Of Mist 2013
Goatwhore Vengence of Demonic Fury Goatwhore rottenrecords 2003
1349 Chasing Dragons Beyond The Apocalypse candlelight 2004
Behemoth Ben Sahar The Satanist Metal Blade 2013. Headlining at Regency Ballroom 4/6/14 with Goatwhore, 1349, Inquisition and others (per Regency website).
Apocryphon Psychedelic Warrior Apocryphon self released 2012
Black Fucking Cancer Summoning Aural Hell Summoning Aural Hell ep self released 2011
Night Nurse Bastion of Madness Endless Road To Ruin Tour 2013 self released 2013. Portland, Oregon Band.
Rotten Funeral Sodomizer of Black Holes Satanic Black Metal Promo self released 2011
Nunslaughter Church Of Disgust Goat Slaughter Records 2003. Headlining day 2, 6/7/14 of Festum Carnis. Some of the other bands appearing at the fest are Rotten Funeral, Night Nurse, Black Fucking Cancer, Apocryphon, Gravehill, Valdur and Torture Chamber. See website for more details.
Carcass Unfit For Human Consumption Surgical Steel Nuclear Blast 2013
Insect Warrior Manipulator World Extermination EARACHE 2009
Disgorge Crevice Flux Warts Forensick Repulse Records 2000. From Mexico! Que bueno!
Hell-Born Cursed Infernal Steel Cursed Infernal Steel Ibex Moon records For Poland!
Deus Mortem Emanation Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions 2013
Ebola UNHOLY trinity "hell's DEATH metal" Old Temple 2011. Completing an unholy trinity of fantastic Polish Metal! In your face Putin!
mortuus caeum genitive loathing Maelo Interitum Mundi Black 2006. From Greece!
Suicidal Angels Bloodthirsty Sanctify The Darkness Nuclear Blast 2010
Suartfell Black Storm's Devastation Day Of The Unholy Massacre DRAKKAR 2009. From France.
Arckanum Tungls Tjugari Fenris Rindir Season of Mist 2013
Gravehill Murder The Advocation of Murder And Suicide Enucleation 2007
Sxuperion Reversing His Glory Inverted Goat Orifice e.p. Bloody Mountain 2013