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Tuesday 3/18/2014 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Go Sailor Long Distance (Alternative Mix) Long Distance (Alternative Mix) I Wish I Was a Slumberland Record
Majestic Overcoat Live It Up Shelflife
Scarlet's Well Sweetmeat Strange Letters Siesta
Simpatico Cold Season The Difference Between Alone and Lonely Matinee
The Siddeleys Are You STILL Evil When You're Sleeping? Slum Clearance Matinee
The Ladybug Transistor Like A Summer Rain The Albermarle Sound Merge
The Crooner Billy Liar Heaven Airlines Shelflife
The Icicles Lemonade and Somersaults Pure Sugar EP Drive-In Records
V/A Pearly Gatecrashers - Mobile Shack A Tribute To Felt Elefant
The Receptionists Soren Loved Regina The Last Letter Ba Da Bing!
The Wake World of Her Own Here Comes Everybody Factory
Mild Euphoria Morning Walk Let's Dissolve Siesta
V/A Milky - La De Da Songs for the Jet Set Vol 2 Jetset Records
Diagram Brothers We Are All Animals We are All Animals 7" Construct Records
Mighty Mighty I Don't Need You Anymore Built Like A Car 7" Chapter 22
Legendary Jim Ruiz Group Bigfoot Sniff Siesta
The Brunettes Polyester Meets Acetate Mars Loves Venus Lil' Chief Records
The Januaries Chocolate and Strawberries S/T Lightyear
V/A Carbonado - Here Comes Another Day You're Still Young At Heart Shelflife
The Flatmates Heaven Knows Love and Death Clairecords
Burning Hearts Burn Burn Burn Extinctions Shelflife
The School I Don't Believe in Love Loveless Unbeliever Elefant
St. Christopher She Looks Like You Lioness Vinyl Japan
Holiday The Likely End of Our Best Days Ready, Steady, Go! What Are Records
Love Positions Into Your Arms Billiepeebup Half a Cow Records
Aberdeen Sunny in California Homesick and Happy To Be Here Tremolo Arm Users Club
V/A Home and Abroad - Wipe Those Tears Away The Waaaaah! CD Bring on Bull Records
V/A Home and Abroad - Wipe Those Tears Away The Waaaaah! CD Bring on Bull Records
The Pastels Nothing TO Be Done Truckload of Trouble Seed
The Pastels Nothing To Be Done Truckload of Trouble Seed