Kicksville 29 B.C.

Tim Matranga

I was saddened to hear that Gary Burger, the lead vocalist frontman of the Monks, has passed away recently.

We'll hear a few key tunes. Here's a band that was way ahead of the curve in 1966. They pushed all the limits and surpassed them, with Gary's over-the-top vocals, electric banjo, wild organ moves, along with their stage costumes, inlcuding shaving the tops of their head and the typical monk garb. So many amazing tracks, it's hard to pick just a few, but that's what I've got to do tonight.


Also a fair shake of Irish artists of the 60s up to the 70s in honor of the St Patty's Day Weekend.


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Sunday 3/16/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
The Romeos Mon Petite Chow Loma
The Monticellos Don't Hold Back Red Cap Detroit lbl
John Fred & His Playboys Down to the Boogaloo 34:40 Of ... Paula
Them One Two Brown Eyes 2LP London
Five Torquays There She Walks Five Upstart Americans Omplatten
Monks Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy Black Monk Time Light in the Attic
Monks A Few Selections I Hate You, Shut Up, Complication
Wheels Bad Little Woman Big Beat Alt version
Rattles Las Vegas Greatest Hits Mercury
Los Impala Vida Nomral El Soul Es Una Droga 4
Natural Facts Shake Me Wake Me Kayden & Merben Funkadelphia Four Tops cv
Jewels Something's Got a Hold on Me James Brown Show Smash
Gene & the Gents C'Mon Everybody Pye Ireland 60s, Eddie Cochran cvr
Paul Revere & the Raiders Baby Please Don't Go Just Like Us! Columbia
Wheels I'm Leavin
Rory Gallagher Hail Taste s/t Atco
Them Belfast Gypsies Portland Town Loma (US)
Taste Born on the Wrong Side of Time s/t
Horslips Ferdias's Song Gae Bolga The Tain Atco
Andwella's Dream The Days grew Longer For Love Love and Poetry
Andwella's Dream Sunday
Thin Lizzy Return of the Farmers Son s/t London 71
Eire Apparent Mr Guy Fawkes Sun Rise w/ appearance by Jimi Hendrix on LP
Rory Gallagher I Fall Apart Sinner... And Saint Polydor
Fruupp Decision / As Day Breaks With Dawn / Graveyard Epistle Future Legends 1973
John Fahey Off America Takoma
The Woods Band Noisey Johnny The Woods Band
Horslips Time To Kill The Tain
Jason Crest Patricia's Dream Collected Works