Settin' The Woods On Fire



Americana & Country & Rockabilly

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Friday 3/14/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Bobby Carl Make Up Or Break Up 7" Silver Bell
Euel Hall Blue Feelings 7" White Label
Al Parsons Wait For Me Baby 7" Sarg
Billy Barnett Tired Of Your Honky Tonk Love 7" Tex
McCormick Bros Red Hen Boogie Hillbilly Rock
Jim Eanes Walk Slowly 7" Starday
Marvin Rainwater My Brand Of The Blues Original and Authentic By Great Country & Western Stars Mercury
Jimmy Stayton The Only One(For You)
Texas Slim and his Cowboys I Want Her Back With Me Sonny James Sings Crown
Johnny Dollar Walking Away 7" D
Patsy Cline Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray Country And Western Stars Spectrum
Latty Moore You Never Looked Sweeter
Bonnie Baldwin I'm Trembling Like A Leaf 7" Polly Bee
Bobby Austin Polynesian Baby Country And Western Stars
Janis Martin Cry Guitar Janis Martin CCL
The Hooper Twins You're Always The Last To Know 7" Azalea
Tommy Fonville To Prove My Love To You 7" Azalea
Jimmy Hartley Drop Drop It 7" De Luxe
Martha Lynn I'm Going Hunting Tonight
Joe & Rose Maphis Ridin' Down Ole 99
Don Gibson Sittin' Here Cryin' Don Gibson CCL
Don Williams Rainbow In Heaven 7" Whitcomb
Lew Childre Southern Hospitality
The Stewart Family Jealous Love I Can't Stand To Be Alone Design
Fred Crawford Just Another Broken Heart 7" Starday
Wynn Stewart I've Waited A Lifetime 7" Concept
The Musical Buddies Alcohol Kisses 7" Azalea
Paul Brown Rum And Soda 7" Azalea
James O'Gwynn Your Love Is Strong 7" Azalea
Curly Sanders You're Smiling, I'm Crying 7" Concept
Gene Bavart So Long Ago 7" Tri-Star
Tommy Sands A Place For Girls Like You Early Hillbilly and Rock
Adrian Roland I Stepped Out On My Baby 7" Azalea
Johnny Nelms Cry Baby Cry Azalea
Jerry Shook Can I Sleep In Your Barn Country And Western Hits
Wade Terral I Owe It All To You 7" Orbit
Jimmy Thorpe A Sinner I Will Be 7" De Luxe
Mary Cox Just In Case 7" Rimrock
Carolina Cotton Three Miles South Of Cash (In Arkansas)
Lynn Reed Just Another Love Affair
Bobby Hodge Carolina Bound
Bobby Austin My Book Of Memories ` I Can't Stand To Be Alone
Dave Rich Why Oh Why Do You Cry
Bob Geesling Born To Be Lonesome