Beyond The Stench Of Death


 New Falkenbach and Nashville Pussy along with a Raunch and Roll classic from Black Oak Arkansas among other classics tonight. If you don't like this, it's "Everybody's Fault But Mine".


Hard Rock & Heavy Metal & Metal & Rock

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Friday 3/14/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Nashville Pussy Everybody's Fault But Mine Up The Dosage SPV 2014
Black Oak Arkansas Back Door Man Ain't Life Grand ATCO 1975
Thin Lizzy Emerald Live And Dangerous Warner Bros. 1978
Gary Moore Over The Hills And Far Away Wild Frontier 10 RECORDS 1987
Primordial No Grave Deep Enough Redemption At The Puritan's Hand Metal Blade Last Irish Song of the night. Drink Up!
Anal Mucous JA-NET/Quadrapleajects 7' split with Mormons on Bicycles Skateboard Naked Thanks for the request!
Nattefrost Sanctum 666 Blood & Vomit Seasons of Mist 2004
Behemoth The Satanist The Satanist Metal Blade 2014
Inquisition Arrival of Eons After Obscure Verses For The Multiverse Season Of Mist 2013
1349 I Am Abomination Hellfire candlelight usa 2005
Exodus I Am Abomination Shovel Headed Kill Machine Nuclear Blast 2005
Solitary Priapism Obomunation Terminal Exhibition Self Released 2013
Typhus We Burn Your Churches to the Ground Grand Molesters Of The Holy Trinity Dark Horizon 2010
Grand Belial's Key The Shitagogue Judeobeast Assination Moribund Records 2002
Satanic Warmaster Rotting Ravens Blood Nachzehrer Werewolf Records
Nifelheim Infernal Flame Of Destruction Envoy Of Lucifer Regain 2008
Taake Fra Vadested til Vaandesmed Noregs Vaapen Dark Essence 2011
Gorgoroth Unchain Thy Heart True Norwegian Black Metal (Live in Grieghallen) REGAIN RECORDS 2008
Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie Live Legacy Nuclear Blast 2003
Falkenbach Wulfarweijd Asa prophecy 2014
Savatage Hounds Ghost In The Ruins Nuclear Blast 1995
Turisas Rasputin The Varangian Way Century 2007. From Finland. They know how to fight Russians!