Textile Fabrication

Milson Tisdale

Special guest DJ Rick throwing down on the wheels of steel and the rectangles of plastic... tune in!

Shawn Quinlan quilt 


Drone & Noise & Popular Song Structure & Sound

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Sunday 3/23/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Coil Ubu Noir Scatology Force & Form 1984
Landed Hit the Land Why I Live 10-inch Vermiform 1997
God Meat Head Breach Birth 12-inch EP Situation Two 1990
Gasp Eyes the Tentacle and Arachnid Knew Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People Slap a Ham 1998
Stretchheads Trippy Dead Zone Pish in Your Sleazebag Blast First 1991
Multiplex Feel Free to Feel split 7-inch w/ Exit 13 HG:Fact 1996
Multiplex Raise the Ecstatic World Selfish 1992
Sleetmute Nightmute Scaring the Birds Night of Long Knives Fast Weapons 2010 (rec. 2005)
Curse of the Birthmark Too Many Ministers Welcome to the Hard Times . . . You're Late! Deleted Art 2005
Cousins of Reggae A Match Made on Methridge Methridge Olde English Spelling Bee 2008 (orig 2005)
Slicing Grandpa Fighting to Die Low Vibrations Strain Theory *new
Massman Father ov Sinn v/a: Drastic Perversions Inner-X-Musick 1984
Hidious in Strength Barby v/a: The Oblique Collection Inner-X-Musick 1984
Grauzone In der Nacht Die Sunrise Tapes Play It Again Sam 1998 (orig 1981)
Cupol Like This for Ages Like This for Ages 12-inch EP 4AD 1980
Mattin Stuck in Our Own Trap Songbook 5 Disembraining
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come Time Captives Journey Polydor 1974
Bloodrock A Fantastic Piece of Architecture self-titled Capitol 1970
Nitzinger God Bless the Pervert One Foot in History Capitol 1973
Ame Son Seventh Time Key Catalyse BYG 1970
Robert Wyatt Team Spirit Ruth is Stranger than Richard Virgin 1975