The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

struck by lighnting 17 times? do you have a mole that resembles einstein? Have you been touched by aliens and now street lights turn  off when you walk by them on drizzly nights? well stay the hell away from me then, cuz you are probably catching.

you may, however, tells us all about it  on tonights ChickenYears Program! 530 752 2777!



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Tuesday 3/11/2014 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Zingers, The hash braun The Zingers MILLION DOLLAR
Mattin what isn't music after cage? Songbook 5 Disembraining
john otway and wild willy barret racing cars
twinkeyz tonight again
Annihilation Time Teenage Rebel Incomplete Discography Annihilate
Blackwitch Pudding shark commando Taste the Pudding Self Released
all you can eat welcome to the jungle gym/fries are up
schlong tumors ep
Nacho Business/Kittens Having Kittens kittens having kittens furry heart Split Sacramento/Phono Select
perverts you got to me
Yolks, The $2 Out the Door $2 Out The Door b/w Pretty Thing Randy
Home Blitz Perpetual Night Perpetual Night Almost Ready
penetrators drive me crazy
True Believers death by freezing Accept It! HoZac
bunny brains are you ready
Teenage Burritos kamikaze Danya Volar
nazis from mars
v/a crash normal down onmy knees Stuffs Vol. 2 Compost Modern Art
PYPY daffodils Pagan Day Black Gladiator/Slovenly
Terrible Twos we have to go to the bathroom Horror Vacui Urinal Cake
Various Artists Sound The Alarms Maximum Rock N Roll