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It's with great sadness I relay the news that one of the founding members of Magellan, Wayne Gardner, died February 10 in Sacramento. He had been suffering severe migraines due to a brain tumor and simply couldn't take it anymore. We'll hear 'Family Jewels" from Magellan's album Hundred Year Flood.

Three new groups to the PRP today; Airbag, Ainigma, and Clepsydra and the Psychedelic Psunspot will go to LA. Another shortened show - UC Davis Women's BB are in the playoffs.  


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Saturday 3/08/2014 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Focus Sylvia 3 Red Bullett 1973/2001 Netherlands
Jethro Tull Farm on the Freeway Crest of a Knave Chrysalis 1987.2005 UK
Magellan Family Jewels Hundred Year Flood Road Runner 2002. California
The Enid Childe Roland Nearfest 2010 Mobius Media 2010. UK
Magic Pie Dream Vision Motion of Desire Progress Records 2005. Norway
Electric Asturias Double Helix Fractals Self-released 2011. Japan
The Pineapple Thief The West Winds What We Have Sown Earache 2007. UK
The United States of America The Garden of Earthly Delights Self Titled Colombia 1968. Los Angeles
Clear Light Night Sound Loud Self Titled Elektra 1967. Los Angeles
Camel Curiousity Self Titled MCA 1973/2002. UK
Ainigma All Things Are Fading Diluvium Freak Emporium 1973. Germany
Nektar Astronaut's Nightmare Journey to the Center of the Eye Bellaphon 1971/1989. UK
Airbag White Walls All Rights Removed Karisma 2011. Norway
Clepsydra Tower of Dreams Alone CCD 2002. Switzerland