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Tonight I'm giving away two passes for Tangents guitar series!

Saturday March 22nd at First Unitarian Universalist Chapel (Franklin/Geary) in San Francisco: Nicolò Spera will perform a program dedicated to the music of Maurice Ohana (1913-92) for 10 and 6-string guitar. 

 More information here!:

(And here's the performer's website! )


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Sunday 3/02/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Jacaszek Dare-gale Glimmer Ghostly
Connolly, Jim and The Gove County Philharmonic Patience Makes the Ocean Blue Time Stops to Visit... pfMentum
White Rainbow Waves Prism of Eternal Now Kranky
Bennett, Ed for JF My Broken Machines NMC
Bryars, Gavin Alaric I or II After The Requiem ECM
Tone, Yasunao Wounded Man'yo #36-7 (2001) s/t Asphodel
Cage, John Atlas Eclipticalis Atlas Eclipticalis Hat Hut Records
Dunmall, Paul Part Three The Great Divide Cuneiform
Rhonda Rider Rhondo Variations Violoncello Composers Recordings Incorporated
White Rainbow Mystic Prism Prism of Eternal Now Kranky
Icebreaker with BJ Cole Under Stars II Apollo: Music for Space Cantaloupe Music
Stave Tower9 Reform Flingco Sound System