Apartment 5

baby d

whatup nerds.

it's yr man

baby d.

just breezin

on a monday morning. 

you know how

we do.

let's go.

- baby d 


General Good Vibes & Indie Pop & Twee

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Monday 2/24/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
That Corporate Feeling The Rain Has Gone The Rain Has Gone Platform Soul
Jupiter Sun Violent Intertwine Why Popstars Can't Dance Slumberland
Dogbreth Yer Smile Chookie
The Wide Plains One Bright Day
Gayna Rose Madder Ties Ties Gypsy
Pastel Collision Wherever You Go, Take Me With You Wherever You Go, Take Me With You Siesta
Three Dancers Seventeen Seventeen Dilettante Discs
The Anyways Silver The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol. 1 Firestation Tower
Bummer Twins Song About Girls Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0 Records From the Cookie Nose Tower
School Clouds Aside School Luxury
Blessin' Mono Do You Art Is Hard
Neighbors What You See In Me
Reserve The Sun Slid Down Behind the Tower The Siddeleys / Reserve Split 7 Sha La La Flexis
Honeyheads Out of Marseille Edwyn Speaks Louder than Kirk Cloudberry
Bonne Idee A Dream of You A Dream of You Cloudberry
Birdskull Rolling Tongue Art is Hard
Language of Flowers You're the One The Kids At the Club How Does it Feel to Be Loved?
Fire Island Pines Cherry Grove 1915 Manic Pop
The Rays Simpatico A Sunday Matinee Matinee
Keen Missed the Point
Paulie Chastain Raining All Day Stupid Cupids / Paulie Chastain Split The Bus Stop Label
The Mare Didn't I See You? Last Trumpet Cloudberry
Donovan Wolfington Keef Ripper Scary Stories You Tell In the Dark Topshelf
The Hill Bandits Nowhere Train
The Nightjars Acid in Your Face
Team Dresch Hand Grenade
Cub Motel 6 Betti-Cola
Firestations Solid Gold
Wimp Factor 14 Change of Address Kit
The Choo Choo Train There Before the Dawn Hey Wimpus: The Early Recordings of Paul Chastain and Rick Menck
Bulldozer Crash Automatic Smile
The Makeouts Bringin' Out the Stars Back to Sleep Bachelor
Dump It's Not Awright I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records Anyway
Sweetest Ache Sickening
John Wood Misty Quiet Storm
Kevin McGrother You'll Never Know Living in an Enid Blyton World
Speedboat Truckin Back to You