Cooking With Sound

Captain Mandrake and Dr. Freon

Tune in for an extra special show with Major Problemo and Dr. Nitrous!


Electronic & Experimental & Folk & Hip-Hop & Rock

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Friday 2/21/2014 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
WasNotWas Hello Operator
Harry Nilsson Zippety Do Da
John Lennon Watching the Wheels
Unkown 60s tape Kirschner Motors
Yo La Tengo Route 66
Roy Rogers Patron Saint of Pain
Frank Zappa Mudshark
Mary C. Cox Dixie (Daddy and Scawlett)
Typhoon Hi Big Man
MR Pert and Perky Pizza
TDR/The Police American Planes/Sears Point/ Rehumanize yourself
Watusi Warriot Drums Van Kampen
Keb Mo Better Man
Billy Idol Be A Lover
TDR Elevator/Mandrake
Madness Night Boat To Cairo
Firehouse 5+2 Sheik of Araby
Traveling Wilburys Heading for the Light
Michael Nesmith Beyond/Blue Horizon