The Diversity Forum

 Today's discussion features graduate student Gabriel Guillen and his research on computer assisted second language acquisition.


The UC Davis Diversity Forum promotes the acceptance of diverse people and community well-being by providing a venue where positive dialogues on issues of diversity at UC Davis can be shared on the airwaves and online.

The Diversity Forum was created to support Davis community members from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, physical ability, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.  The goal of the Forum is collectively find solutions to issues relating to diversity that can be acted upon immediately within the community. Moreover the forum will highlight the positive actions of diverse individuals and groups who make our city great.


Feedback is welcome and appreciated on this forum. If you have questions or comments, please call (530) 754-KDVS or post on the website


When giving feedback please keep in mind, we only welcome comments that adhere to the UC Davis Principles of Community. Thanks for your participation!

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Wednesday 2/19/2014 @ 9:00AM - 9:30AM