1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas

Valentine's Day show. You know what that means? Absolutely nothing.

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14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA




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Friday 2/14/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
In Flames Everything Counts Whoracle Depeche Mode covers
Lvcifyre Fyre Made Flesh Svn Eater
Origin Portal Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas
Vesen AK-47 Goat Carcass Rising
Evile First Blood Enter the Grave
Mountain King Satanic Warfare Gotos Antichristus
Abomination Industrial Sickness Tragedy Strikes
Raised Fist Hertz Island Escapades Sound of the Republic
Dawn of Dreams Swallow the Fire Darklight Awakening
Entrails Eradicated Disintergrating Compex Entities Viralocity
Legacy of Disorder Warrior Gene Last Man Standing
Lecherous Nocturne Judgments & Curses Behold Almighty Doctrine
Execration Stars Will Make Known My Rage Acceptance of Zero Existence
Inquisition Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
Blackwitch Pudding Shark Commando Taste the Pudding
King of Asgard Up on the Mountain To North
Jungle Rot Utter Chaos Terror Regime
Ulcerate Confronting Entropy Vermis
Amon Amarth Under Siege Deceiver of the Gods
Viking White Death Strawman
Urn Black Steel Worship Soul Destroyers
Cattle Press Arc of Infinity Hordes to Abolish the Divine
Saprogenic Eat My Heart Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs