Beyond The Stench Of Death


 Blazing Metal Bands playing Scaramento and slightly beyond tonight, tomorrow and next week! Get some tonight! Killgasm, Embodied Torment, Sick and Metal Church among others.


Hard Rock & Heavy Metal & Metal & Rock

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Friday 2/14/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Metal Church Watch The Children Pray The Dark Elektra 1986 classic.
Metal Church Fake Healer Blessing In Disguise Elektra From 1989.
Sick Witnessing Extreme Torture Cannibalistic Torment Permeated Records Playing at The Colony This Saturday (2/15) along with Killgasm, Embodied Torment, Bloodscribe and Cerebral Engorgement.
Embodied Torment Towards Oblivion Demo 2012 Self Released see above
Killgasm A Stab in the Heart of Christ High On Church Fumes Promo Self Released see above
Heaven Shall Burn Godiva Veto Century Media 2013
Endless Blizzard Arcane Dimension Remember Your Death Blackmetal.Com
Disgorge Jism Adipose Carbonization Forensick Repulse Thanks for the request!
Macabre The Kiss Of Death Grim Scary Tales Decomposed Records 2011
Lividity Cadaver Dogs To Desecrate And Defile EPITOMITE 2009
Gun Race With The Devil Gun Repertoire Reissue of the CBS 1968 release.
Keitzer wrath Descend into heresy Ida-records Deathgrind from Germany. 2011
King of Asgard Intro Fi'mbulvintr Metal Blade 2010
King of Asgard Einharjar Fi'mbulvintr Metal Blade 2010. Now your satisfied!
Deus Mortem The Harvest Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions 2013
Impaled Nazarene You Don't Rock Hard Manifest Osmose 2007
King of Asgard Einharjar Fi'mbulvintr Metal Blade 2010. Now your satisfied!
Ereb Altor Nifelheim Fire Meets Ice Metal Blade 2013
Wasp Widowmaker Wasp Recall 2002 reissue. Featues a sober Chris Holmes.
7H.Target Hara Kiri Torture Fast-Slow Demolition Coyote 2012
Lvcifyre Sinister Calling Svn Eater Dark Descent Records
Inquisition Arrival of Eons After Obscure Verses For The Multiverse Season Of Mist 2013
Sxuperion Unholy Pyramid Towers Inverted Goat Orifice e.p. Bloody Mountain