Apartment 5

baby d




it's that time

of the week again.

baby d here.

let's have a little

rainy monday fun


shall we?

game faces, people. 

- baby d 


General Good Vibes & Indie Pop & Twee

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Monday 2/10/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Go! Gappas Saint Lucy Dinner With Nougat El
Goodly Thousands I Wish Goodly Thousands Long Lost
The Ocean Blue Sad Night Where Is the Morning? Sad Night, Where Is the Morning? Korda
Villagers Marie
Lost Tapes By You War in the Netherlands Eardrumspop
The Dentists Doreen Strawberries Are Growing in My Garden (And It's Wintertime) Spruck
The Notwist Kong Close to the Glass Sub Pop
Split Single Fragmented World
The Sublets Memo 7 Lost and Lonesome 15 Sampler Lost and Lonesome
Monnone Alone Steep Ravine Together at Last Lost and Lonesome
Jane Pow Sophia Green Good Morning Ambition
Full Ugly Hanging Around Hanging Around Bedroom Suck
PUPS Month Long Sleep Month Long Sleep Where It's At Is Where You Are
Ferns Miss Stormcloud Fairweather Friends
Momus The End of History 20 Vodka Jellies Cherry Red, Cherry Red
Screaming Silence Same Old Story Still Mad At Me? Firestation
When Nalda Became Punk Song For Carrie Mathison Indiepop Or Whatever! Shelflife
Very Truly Yours Girls Tell You Secrets Girls Tell You Secrets Cloudberry
Emily Really Mad Dogs (Dance Mix 1) This Is Surreal Pop Surreal Pop
Dutch Barn Heart in the Middle Lighter Later EmuBands
Dislocation Dance Tyrannies of Fun Midnight Shift + Singles LTM
Springfields Reach for the Stars Reach for the Stars Summershine
Seabirds Oh Buoy Real Tears Matinee
Owls Everyone Is My Friend Owls Jade Tree
Avocado Happy Hour Tactic Friends Records 2011 Sampler Friends
Trick Mammoth Baltimore Floristry Fishrider
Olvis The Blue Sound
Ty Segall Goodbye Bread
Parker Lewis Dirty Dancing
Trick Mammoth Vesper II Floristry Fishrider
Lava Bed Nagisa
The Gravy Train Happy Again