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Friday 2/07/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Johnny Stills The Storm 7" Vaca
Linda Garnette I Might Come Home Tonight Tommy Scott's Country Caravan Request
Ginger Callahan Ogee, Ome, Omy 7" Joyce
Phil Beasley Itching To Love You 7" B-W
Carl Stevens Big Eyed Blonde 7" Lavon
J.W. Meredith You're Not The Girl Of My Dreams
Jimmie Tarlton Careless Love Mountain Blues Country
Kenny Roberts Hillbilly Style
Stanley Alpine Country Boy Country and Western From Nashville, TN
Shorty Barnhill Beautiful Carolinas
Dixie Rogers (When The) Frost Is On The Pumkin
The Cackle Sisters Call My Name 7" Mar-Kay
Ken Fonclara Jack Of All Trades Tommy Scott's Country Caravan Request
Porter Wagner Old Slew foot The Greatest Country Music Recordings Of All Time: The Grand Ole Opry
Eddie Wilson Foolin' Around Buck Owens - Country Hit Maker # 1
Arky Blue Lipstick On My Shirt Again 7" Hacienda
Jimmie Lee The Little Things You Do 7' Dixie
Marguerite Sanders Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar 7" Star
Loretta Lynn Wine, Women, And Song Before I'm Over You Decca
Bill Blough Goin To Tennessee
Fred Crawford You're Not The Same Sweet Girl
Roger Simpson Blues Of The Night Country and Western From Nashville, TN
Jim Brickey Vacuum Cleaner Blues 7" Log Cabin
Red Henderson 21 Years Country and Western From Nashville, TN
Wanda Jackson and the Partytimers My Heart Gets All The Breaks You'll Always Have My Love Capitol
Carl Smith Someday I'll Sober Up The Country Gentleman Sings His Favorites Columbia
Freddie Frank This Old Rig
Gene Parson Catus Kid Talkin Blues 7" Eko
Reb Allen What A Life This Is Sings Country Hits
King Sterling Too Many Taverns 7" Starday
Rocky Bill Ford Aggravatin' Woman Country & Western Stars Spectrum
Jimmy Kay Troubloe In The Moutains 7" Stardale
Johnnie Harget Don't Hang Out You Red Light For Me 7" Cherry
Boxcar WIllie I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Sings Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers Column One
George McQueen I Found Out Country and Western From Nashville, TN
Hillbilly Herman Today I Watched My Dreams Come True 7" Breeze
Tommy Donahue Oh My Aching Head 7" Cowtown
Linda Talley My Heart Overruled My Mind 7" Raindrop
Burton and Charlie I can Never Love You Again
Ken Speck Wel Burn A Broken Heart A Broken Vow
Jimmie Crane Love Bandit 7" TNT
Johnny Williams Memories Of You 7" Country and Western From Nashville, TN
Phil Beasley The Restless Wind 7" B-W
Ronnie Miller Imagination Tommy Scott's Country Caravan Request
Freddy and the Drifters I'm Setting You Free 7" Sparks
Sam Baxter Wrong About Me Baby Tommy Scott's Country Caravan Request