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Sunday 2/09/2014 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Deap Vally Ain't Fair Get Deap! CherryTree
Guitar Wolf Loverock Loverock Narnack
Air Waves Force Fed Dungeon Dots Underwater Peoples
Together Pangea Alive Badillac Harvest
Together Pangea Badillac Badillac Harvest
Habibi Detroit Baby Habibi Burger
V/A Island Uprising- The Tiki tones Rock Don't Run Spinout
Cave unspecified Psychic Psummer Important
Briefs, The Ain't It the Truth Off the Charts Dirtnap
DMBQ Mirror Baby The Essential Sounds From the Far East Estrus
Milk Maid Drag To Find Mostly No Fat Cat
Reigning Sounds I'll Cry Too much guitar In The Red
Wailers Out Of Our Tree Nuggets Vol. 4 Rhino
Waxeater Cutty Vs. The Tiny Funiture Baltimore Record Latest Flame
Hex Dispensers One Less Ghost One Less Ghost Trouble in Mind
BLACKTOPS Self-Destruct Sequence HIDE AND GO SEEK PARTS 1 AND 2 In The Red
Bitch Prefect Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe R.I.P. Society
Mean Jeans, the Tears in My Beers "Tears in My Beers" b/w "Cool to Drive" Trouble in Mind
Bits Of Shit W.W.Me Meat Thump b/w W.W. Me Total Punk
Tall Dwarfs Baby it's Over The Sky Above, The Mud Below
Swamp Zombies Unemployed A Frenzy of Music and Awesome
Swell Get High Swell Psycho-Specific
Skabs Apaxnh The Greatest Hits WACP Records
Blood On the Saddle Black River Fresh Blood
Random Cuts Sleep Sleep/Jail Stripes Nominal
Sic Kidz Frenzy Rhythm Gurl For Alison
Surf City Mt. Kill Self-Titled Morr Music
Kiss Offs Bottle Blonde How To Deliver The Kiss that Kills
Kill A Watts Sweet Jap
Rad So Say We All This Is Rad Sacramento/Phono Select
Forbidden Tigers Next in Line Magnetic Problems Dead Beat
The Sonics Wailers House Party The Savage Young Sonics Norton
Sinkhole Lerch Love Ain't Punk
Ed Nasty & the Dopeds You Sucker I'm Gonna Be Everything Last Laugh
Dan Best Of Families Can You Dig It?-repressing Mass Media
DCOi! Agony of Defeat the Bleeding Glue Rot
DC Snipers / Shop Fronts Shop Fronts -Bored To Death Richard Speck Prison Video / Bored To Death Your Permanent
Whitey on the Moon Whitey On The Moon Mo' 'tussin
Bad Sports Get You Bras Dirtnap
Dirtbombs, The Hot Sour Salty Sweet Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! In The Red