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Mr. Mention

Hodgepodge of eras of grrrrls rockin' out, and I even bring out some of my cassettes. Why won't you join me?


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Punk & Rock

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Tuesday 2/04/2014 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Mutating Meltdown Six Minutes Underground 7" M'Ladys 2010
Finally Punk Coffee, Tea and Hypertension 7" M'Ladys 2009
Coasting Kids 7" M'Ladys 2011
Vivian Girls My Baby Wants Me Dead Wild Eyes 7" Wild World 2008 RIP
Concrete Blonde (You're the Only One) that can make me cry Dance Along the Edge IRS 1987
Sandwitches Makes Me SIck Idiot Savant 7" South Paw 2011
Knit Seperates Cry Myself Blind S/T 7" Crow Love 1998
Lois Long Time Gone Press Play and Record 7" K 1993
Liquorice Stalls S/T 7" Simple Machines 1995
Tsunami Great Mimes A Brilliant Mistake Simple Machines 1997
Sick Bees Push S/T 7" Up 1998
Go Sailor Long Distance Long Distance 7" Slumberland 1994 SACTO REPRESENT!!
Go Sailor Long Distance Long Distance 7" Slumberland 1994 SACTO REPRESENT!!
Flying Tigers No Reply No Reply K Records 1996 features Tracy from Heavens to Betsy
Flying Tigers Reload No Reply K Records 1996
Heavens to Betsy Get Out of My Head Direction... Chainsaw 1994
Sleater-Kinney By The Time You're 25 Get Up 7" Kill Rock Stars 1998
Wax Idols Sound of a Void Discipline + Desire Slumberland 2013, Playing at Villanova Haus 2/8
She-Rat Pox Mark demo CDR You Got Da Shit Breath 2006
Slant 6 Thirty Thirty Vision S/T 7" Dischord 1993
Live Girls/Nons Nons-Not Dangerous split EP Grotesque Modern 2006