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Return of Fuzzbox Flynn & DJ Rick



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Saturday 2/08/2014 @ 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Johnny Palermo Saturday Night Je Suis Punk Compilation orig. 1978
Douce Violence Flash Je Suis Punk Compilation orig. 1978
Video Captivity (Join The) Hate Wave b/w Captivity Total Punk *new arrival
PYPY pagan day Pagan Day Black Gladiator/Slovenly *new arrival
v/a Kraes j Normal - On my knees Stuffs Vol. 2 Compost Modern Art *new arrival
Merx Distress 20000 sq ft Under the Sea Permanent *new arrival
Ceramic Hobs Blackpool Transport Shaolin Master 7-inch Idwalfisher/Harbinger Sound 2002
Terrible Twos You Can't Have My Chips (Crusties) Horror Vacui Urinal Cake *new arrival
Terrible Twos A Word & A World Horror Vacui Urinal Cake *new arrival
The Hypnotics SNM Indoor Fiends Enigma 1982
Henry Fiat's Open Sore Gimme the Loot Split 7-inch w/ Spider Babies PTBI 2000
The Pack Nobody Can Tell Us Com' On 7-inch Vinyl 1979
Gooch Palms False Identity Novo's Anti Fade *new arrival
Nots Animal Dust Red Goner *new arrival
Life Stinks Sharp when You're Bummed Life Stinks SS Records *new arrival
Welfare Turn the Heat On On a Mission Rock N' Roll Blitzkrieg 1999
Rancid Vat Destroy Nature Justice This Is What We Do To Traitors Horton/Reflex 1988
CCR Headcleaner Steal the Light Lace The Earth 2013 With Arms Wide Open Pizza Burglar *new arrival
CCR Headcleaner Fixx The Fan Lace The Earth 2013 With Arms Wide Open Pizza Burglar *new arrival
Blue In the Cold River/Waistband Moe Ho Speed 7-inch ERL 1992
Designer My Favorite Toys Split 7-inch w/ Bunny Brains LHG 1996
Johnny Ill Band Mark is in the Car with my Dad Post Office Dusty Medical *new arrival
Woolen Men West Coast Talk Dog Years Dog's Table *new arrival
Mordecai Scuzz College Rock Richie 2013
Shatter Each Moment 7-inch Fuck-Far-Out-Political 1990
Mercury 4F The Slow Process of Self-Decay Tinnitus 7-inch Death By Blowjob 1995
Trail of Tears Malt Liquor Ice Surfing Mural 7-inch Enoch Organization 1996?
Church Police Robots 7-inch Stomach Ache 1996
FNU Ronnies Meat 1st 7-inch Richie 2008
Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio Albania Yalta Hi-Life Compilation Barabbas 1984
Festering Rinyanyons Swimmin' Hole Swimmin' Hole 7-inch Train Wreck Entertainment 1993
Toxic Attitude War Crimes Stupid Teenage Music 7-inch Depression 1984