Apartment 5

baby d

whatup kids.

it's yr man

baby d.

monday morning


you know how

this goes.

get after it.

- baby d 


General Good Vibes & Indie Pop & Twee

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Monday 2/03/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
GRMLN Teenage Rhythm Empire Carpark
Balloon Derby Be My Lorraine Balloon Derby/Our Finest Hour Dorothy
Echo and the Bunnymen The Game Echo and the Bunnymen WEA
Hushdrops Radio 1990 Radio 1990 Sunshine Sheen
Silver Screen Don't Believe a Word When You Don't See Me Cloudberry
Bathing Beauty & Sir Cecil Savoy Let's Keep It Friendly Vida Burguesa Siesta
Withered Hand Black Tambourine
Eternal Breathe
AC Newman On the Table The Slow Wonder Matador
White Sisters Misery, Me, & You
Crushed Stars Fantastic Birds Farewell Young Lovers Simulacra
Mr. Dream Knick Knack No Girls Allowed GOD MODE
Bart & Friends A Summer's Dream Make You Blush Lost & Lonesome
The Wolfhounds Rule of Thumb The Essential Wolfhounds September
Los Cripis The Sleeper Compilation Vol. 1 Memory No. 36
The Gladeyes Your Address The Light Cloudberry
Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands Broken Up Now
Atlas Sound Mona Lisa Parallax
The Memories American Summer American Summer Randy
The Memories Creamsicle American Summer Randy
Dum Dum Girls Are You Okay? Too True Sub Pop
Amor de Dias Jean's Waving
Walrus Sleep Lamb Girl
Halftime Oranges Terry Butcher
Walrus Sleep Lamb Girl
Boyish Quarrel
Death Valley Rally You Frequency Doesn't Matter
Scottish Polls Inspectors Fallen
Triffids Stand Up
The Mountain Goats Window Song Protein Source of the Future...Now! Ajax
The She's Pictures of Houses And Then it Starts to Feel Like Summer Big Cartel
Strawberry Fair Why Won't He Answer?
Banjo V Experimental Fashion
Jim Ruiz Set Wishing Her Away Mount Curve Avenue Shelflife
Olvis The Blue Sound
Zipper Former Friends
Mates of State I Have Space My Solo Project
Balacade Marigold (Demo) Malaise Era
The Casket Girls Suddenly
GRMLN Teenage Rhythm Empire Carpark