Intriguing Possibilities

The Narrator

We're exploring the possibilities of color today! Get ready for every shade and every hue in the form of colorful music


~This synesthiatic experience is brought to you by The Narrator~ 


Classical & Eclectic & Electronic & Hip-Hop & Indie & Indie Pop & Rock & International & Jazz & Soul & Soundtracks

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Friday 1/24/2014 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Miguel Migs Days of Color Colorful You
Lemaitre Splitting Colors
The Ian Fays Red Waves The Most Spectacular Party
Blind Snake Red River Visionaries Key to a False Door
Blood Orange It Is What It Is Cupid Deluxe
Orange Peels How Green the Grass Is Circling the Sun
Orange Cake Mix Zzzz Harmonies and Atmospheres
Yellowcake Rule Hard Trax
The Beatles Yellow Submarine (Chase Caffey remix) Kid Classic
Capital Cities Chartreuse In a Tidal Wave of Mystery
Gorillaz O Green World Demon Days
Quasimoto Green Power The Unseen
The Resonars Paint my Window Green The Greatest Songs of the Resonars
Them ft. Van Morrison It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Basquiat Sountrack
Zed Mitchell Money for my Blues Game is On
Frank Wess Blue Monk Magic 101
Bay Blue (Hey Hey) Fish Fried Birds Blue Bay Blue
Radiant Living Grey and Blue The School of Radiant Living
Uni and her Ukelele Tell Me My World is Pink, Not Blue My Letter is U
The Pinker Tones Beyond Nostalgia Chicas Project Official Soundtrack
Henry Mancini The Pink Panther Theme Cinema Century
Violins Trans Pink Water
Purple Penguin Tombstone de-tuned
The Violettes Heavenly White Roses The Violettes
F'ke Blood White Cloud/Black Cloud The Band that Bled Real Blood
Manuels Negro Gato Ska Brasil
Cave Silver Headband Threace
Buck Tick Stay Gold Hurry Up Mode
John Barry Goldfinger Secret Agent File performed by GNP Crescendo
Colours Age of Consent GTA V Soundtrack