Textile Fabrication

Milson Tisdale

February 4th, 2014 8 P.M
Gold Lion Arts 
2733 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento, CA.
ANDREA NEUMANN inside piano, mixing desk 
BONNIE JONES electronics, mics. 
Part of the MA SERIES - Collaborations and solo performances by women: Improvisors, composers, educators, and performing artists.


Drone & Noise & Popular Song Structure & Sound

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Sunday 2/02/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Aube Holy Worl d (excerpt) Passages From the Book Elsie and Jack 1998
Hiroshi Kawani Flashback (excerpt) Flashback PSF rec. 1982
Hands To untitled (excerpt) Nazha Manifold 1996
Darksmith untitled (excerpt) Weightless Chrondritic Sound 2007
Macroprurient bee + urethra : hive + vulva V/A - Beast Hospital Productions 2001
Hijokaidan 10 Years After V/A - Alchemism 2 Alchemy 1989
C.O.C. Casper Lofoten II CHoCH - Chants Of Change Tesco Organisation 1994
Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon V/A- Sonic Arts Union 1972
Omit NanoPut Rejector Anomalous 2001
Andrea Neumann/Bonnie Jones Belle Reed green just as I could see Erstwhile 2012
Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison Meditations on the Sacramento River, San Diego Is the Center of the World rec. 4/4/1977 KPFK, Close Radio
Pierre Henry Messe de Liverpool 1967
Suzanne Ciani Second Breath Lixivation 1969-1985 B-Music
Andrea Parkins Faulty (broken orbit), Movement 4 (of 6) https://soundcloud.com/andreaparkins
1st graders doing Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle
Pelt Part Wild Gate untitled (excerpt) Hung on Sunday MIE
Sun-Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra The Rainmaker When Sun Comes Out Evidence NYC 1963