Textile Fabrication

Milson Tisdale


Drone & Noise & Popular Song Structure & Sound

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Sunday 1/26/2014 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
On Fillmore Forever On S/T Quakebasket/Locust 2002
Lou Harrison Gending Alexander (excerpt) Gamelan Music ubuweb.com
Ian Nagoski The Stars Are Beautiful Warm Coursing Blood Colorful Clouds For Acoustics 1998
Celestino Pearl Bone Guill Kindling A Guide To Saints *new
Popol Vuh Hosianna-Mantra Hosianna Mantra Wah Wah orig. 1972
Judee Sill Abracadabra S/T Water orig.
Black Forest/Black Sea Hung Far Lowfish Forcefields and Constellations Bluesanct 2004 recorded live on KDVS
Christina Carter & Gown We've We've Foxy Digitalis recorded live in the KDVS hallway 2005
Ora Sadalsudd New Movements in G Gnome Records rec. 1991-97
Lilith Reciprocal V/A-an anthology of noise & electronic music/third-a-chronology 1952-2004 Sub Rosa rec. 1992
Hug, Charlotte & Frederic Blondy Thalia Remontant Bouquet (2008) Emanem rec. March 23-24 2008
Kristian Schultze Set (The Bridge) Ambivalens/Dinghi Recreation Crippled Dick Hot Wax orig. 1972
Sun Ra Discipline Concert for the Comet Kohoutek ESP-Disk rec. Dec 22 1973