Unspeakable Cults


The clash of titanic forces often brings about a form of creative destruction, so called because the waste and rapine of peoples and civilizations is thought to clear a path for subsequent innovation.  What is missed in these pithy and comforting narratives is an appreciation of the innumerable holocausts perpetrated by the venerable father figures of these enclaves most venal, so often paying lip service to notions of progress.  Carnage has never begotten justice, for nothing can wipe away these works done in homage to the Malefactor.

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Ambient & Hardcore & Metal & Spoken Word

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Tuesday 1/21/2014 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Svart Crown The Therapy of Flesh Profane Listenable Strong 2013 debut of dissonant black/death metal.
Element Dreaming Forever The Energy Brutal Bands 2010.
Satan Twenty Twenty Five Life Sentence Listenable 2013's ultimate NWOBHM throwback.
Sick Consuming Putrid Innards Cannibalistic Torment Permeated Records Terrorizing Sacramento at The Colony (3512 Stockton Blvd) on Saturday, February 15th.
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult The Eviscerator Necrovision War Anthem 2013.
King Diamond From The Other Side The Spider's Lullabye Metal Blade Thanks for the request!
Mumakil Hailing Regression Flies Will Starve Relapse 2013 release from these Swiss deathgrind veterans.
Mumakil Cockroaches Flies Will Starve Relapse See above.
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Grief Is Not Quantifiable Honky Reduction Relapse 1998 classic.
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Cloved In Twain Honky Reduction Relapse Another double-feature for you.
Cephalic Carnage Rebellion Lucid Interval Relapse SO MUCH GRIND ON RELAPSE YOU GUYS
Cenotaph Putrescent Infectious Rabidity Putrescent Infectious Rabidity Sevared 2010 release from Turkey's slamming brutal overlords. Feature's the mighty Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) on drums.
Nails God's Cold Hands Abandon All Life Southern Lord Another mighty 2013 release that made my top ten.
7H.Target Technosex Fast-Slow Demolition Coyote 2012 debut of Russian slam with a creative, experimental twist and superb musicianship. Top-notch.
Oppressor In Exile Agony MIA 1996 sophomore release.
Edge of Sanity Blood of My Enemies The Spectral Sorrows Black Mark Beginning a short jaunt into pure, chauvinist, heteronormative metal with this classic Manowar cover.
Grand Magus Steel Versus Steel Triumph and Power Nuclear Blast Preview track from the upcoming album, release date: 2/4/14.
Satan's Host Virgin Sails Virgin Sails Moribund 2013 follow-up to the mighty By The Hands of the Devil.
Amon Amarth The Mighty Doors of the Speargod's Hall Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds Pulverised 1996 debut EP.
Cirith Gorgor Northern Spell of Warcraft Unveiling The Essence Osmose
Allfather Forever Unconquerable Weapon of Ascension Invictus Bubbling - positively effervescent - with chauvinistic pride.
Leviathan Requiem For A Turd World Tentacles of Whorror Moribund Thanks for the request!
Raven Hung, Drawn and Quartered All For One Neat Thanks for the request!
Megadeth Skull Beneath The Skin Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! Combat Locked in a pillory / Nowhere to be found / Screaming for your life / But no one hears a sound...
Brodequin Trial By Ordeal Festival of Death Unmatched Brutality A hurdle to the place of execution led upon / The blood-soaked platform lying amongst / Scattered limbs while beaten mercilessly
Drawn and Quartered Broken On The Wheel To Kill Is Human Moribund Limbs and joints viciously smashed by methodical / Blows feel the waves of sickening pain with / Each crack of bone
Power Trip Heretic's Fork Manifest Decimation Southern Lord Impaled in the neck, pierced through the heart / You'll never rest, the Heretic's Fork.
Ereb Altor Helheimsfard Fire Meets Ice Metal Blade 2013 release of epic Viking metal.
Thunderbolt ...Where The Plague Touches... The Burning Deed of Deceit ISO666 2003.
Windir Kong Hydnes Haug Arntor Head Not Found 1999.
Doomsword Blood Eagle Let Battle Commence SPV High quality, epic doom/heavy metal. 2003.
Thy Infernal Wolfstorm Warlords of Hell Moribund 2001. 'Cuz wolves are sick, bro.
Sarpanitum None Shall They Receive Fidelium Self Released Great track, or the greatest track?