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music from abroad! part 1





 highlights: SDZ records showcase, j.c. satan, temples, drosofile, catholic spray


Alternative & Electronic & Garage & International & Punk

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Wednesday 1/15/2014 @ 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Crass Bloody Revolutions Bloody Revolutions b/w Persons Unknown (Poison Girls) Crass Records 1980
Assassins88 A2.Lethal Assassins88/Catholic Spray XVIII Records 2011
The Anomalys A. Retox Retox Slovenly Recordings
J.C. Satan Legion/Faraway Land Faraway Land Teenage Menopause Records
Vince and His Lost Delegation A1. Don't Wanna Go Back There S/T SDZ Records
Drosofile B. Your Roberts Mal b/w Your Roberts SDZ Records 2010
Elg B5. Tattoo de Walt La Chimie SDZ Records
TG Les Boissons Gratuites Les Boissons Gratuites / La Nuit Va Recommencer Lexi Disques 2010
Temples Jewel of Mine Eye Keep in the Dark Heavenly Recordings 2013
Palms Ghosts I've Known Wolf b/w Ghosts I've Known Peater Records 2013
Temples Keep In The Dark Keep in the Dark Heavenly Recordings 2013
Volage A3. Many Hopes Maddie E.P. Howlin' Banana Records
Catholic Spray 2B. Screamin' Mermaids Assassins88/Catholic Spray XVIII Records 2011