Unspeakable Cults


The City of Accursed grows ever more, its ranks swelled by the mewling spawn of the wretched survivors who linger in a poisoned land.  There is but one Word, that Logos which is the province of The Malefactor, and the famed Nazarite might rather be called fraud incarnate.  An addendum of works from MMXIII are etched into the monument as a final, cruel reminder, before the onslaught which is to come...

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here.

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Ambient & Hardcore & Metal & Spoken Word

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Tuesday 1/14/2014 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Mitochondrion Insummation Antinumerology Dark Descent A fantastic late addition to the intense 2013 EP race.
Bolzer Entranced By The Wolfshook Aura Iron Bonehead Another standout EP, this one garnered no small amount of attention and Bolzer will be performing at this year's Maryland Deathfest.
Svart Crown Ascetic Purification Profane Listenable 2013 full-length debut that I only just recently examined - a strong black/death offering with en vogue dissonances.
Solstice I Am The Hunter Death's Crown Is Victory Self Released Rounding out the 2013 EP Triumvirate for the night.
Pessimist Mens Rea Blood For The Gods Lost Disciple Reaching back to 1999 - Pessimist has reactivated and will appear at this year's Las Vegas Death Fest.
Mekong Delta Immortal Hate Lurking Fear Locomotive Cult tech/prog thrash masters from Germany.
Azarath Holy Possession Blasphemer's Maledictions Witching Hour Productions Obligatory representation from the best album of 2011.
Dyscracia Septic Stomach-Pumped Remnants Septic Stomach Pumped Remnants United Guttural Shout out to Emperor K-slaughter.
Brutus Wrevel Slachtbeest Unique Leader Classic monotonous, blasting death metal.
Mor Dagor Corpus Christii Necropedophilia Twilight-Vertrieb Belphegor-style sickness. 2004 release.
Sick Cannibalistic Torment Cannibalistic Torment Permeated Records Excellent 2012 debut EP of Devourment-styled (MTD era) slammage. Coming to Sacramento on February 15th, where they will play at The Colony (3512 Stockton Blvd).
Obsecration Necrology Seeds of A Pervert God Supreme Music Creations
Zyklon Chaos Deathcult World Ov Worms Candlelight
Typhon Unholy Rapture Where The Corpses Lie Self Released 2008 of black/death metal from Kansas.
Tsjuder Ghoul Desert Northern Hell Season Of Mist The last great Tsjuder album, 2004.
Nightbringer Rite Of The Slaying Tongue Hierophany of the Open Grave Season Of Mist 2011.
Aosoth Temple of Knowledge IV - Arrow in Heart Agonia 2013.
Killgasm A Stab in the Heart of Christ High On Church Fumes Promo Self Released Promo single for the upcoming Moribund Records debut, due this Spring.
Guttural Secrete Serrated Impurities Nourishing The Spoil Brutal Bands 2013 (RIP).
Gorerotted Corpse Fucking Art Mutilated In Minutes Relapse 2002.
Baphomet Age of Plague The Dead Shall Inherit Peaceville 1992 classic of upstate NY death metal from a time when that was a major scene.
Wulfgar Heimdall's Horn With Gods and Legends Unite Kampas 2007 melodic death metal in the vein of Amon Amarth or King of Asgard.
The Chasm The Omnipotent Codex The Spell of Retribution Wicked World 2004 release from these ever potent and obscure death metal warriors.
Hacavitz Venganza Venganza Moribund 2006 release from another mighty ensemble from Aztlan.
Lykathea Aflame Shine of Consolation Elvenfris Obscene 2000 release justly famed for its uniqueness and character.
Helloween Kill It Gambling With The Devil SPV Thanks for the request!
Armored Saint Warzone Symbol of Salvation Metal Blade Essential 1991 release.
Atlantean Kodex Heresiarch The White Goddess 20 Buck Spin Masterful 2013 album that made the Unspeakable Cults Best of MMXIII list.
The Malefactor An excerpt from "Beowulf" The Dire Vaults of the Malefactor Old English reading courtesy of Wothanaz.