Apartment 5

baby d

whatup nerds.

it's yr man

baby d

here to help you

start yr week off right.

it's monday morning people.

let's get it.

- baby d 


General Good Vibes & Indie Pop & Twee

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Monday 1/13/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
How Many Beans Make Five? Sweet Torture
Saturday Looks Good to Me Ultimate Stars All Your Summer Songs Polyvinyl
She Splinters Mortar Man Ray Jaguar Die Schwarze 7
Majestic Bub Live it Up! Shelflife
Exlovers You Forget So Easily Exlovers Fastcut
The Sea and Cake Four Corners One Bedroom Thrill Jockey
Postal Blue Weather Sensitive
The Cavalcade Meet You In the Rain
Incredible Force of Junior Driving In Your Car Blue Cheer/Driving In Your Car Up
Alaska Manege Fou
The Pearly Gatecrashers Penny Drops
Wild Ones Do the Right Thing You're A Winner
Three Dancers Seventeen Seventeen Dilettante Disques
Peruvian Hipsters Tony Hadley
Eggs The Government Administrator
Peru World of Jason Across Blue Skies Jigsaw
Orange Juice Consolation Prize Coals to Newcastle Domino
Acid House Kings Keep Your Love
Honeybunch Mine Your Own Business Walking Into Walls Summershine
The Cat's Miaow Aurora A Kiss and a Cuddle The Bus Stop Label
Stephen Harrison Pack On Your Back I Know Everything Tel Quel
B'ehl Happening Again Fourteen and Crushed Endearing
Yume Bitsu Sharp, Twisted Auspicious Winds K
Dearly I Don't Want to Go Only Betweens Grimsey
Sleepyhead What's Gonna Set You Free?
Throwing Muses Not Too Soon
Troubled Sleep Oh Brother
Poor Moon Birds
Mousefolk Just Can't Stay
Hollow Boys Blinding Light It's True Modern Radio
Holiday Flyer Roll Those Eyes Over Here Holiday Flyer Fingerpaint
LAKE Relief Circular Doorway Water Island
The Happy Couple Song for the Troubadour Happy Times and Petty Crimes
Vince Martin Snow Shadows If the Jasmine Don't Get You, the Bay Breeze Will...