Soundtracks for the Mall


Dear Diary,

Today was my first adventure into the mall. I wandered past Hot Topic and Spencer's. They were hives for really weird goth people.


Disco & Electronic & New Wave & Synthpop

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Wednesday 1/08/2014 @ 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Grimes Weregild Halfaxa Arbutus Records
Cocteau Twins Wax and Wane Garlands 4AD
LA Vampires feat. Matrix Metals How Would U Know So Unreal Not Not Fun
Bezier Ensconsed Ensconced Dark Entries
Swans Children of God Children of God Young God
Zola Jesus Stridulum Stridulum EP Sacred Bones
Max & Mara Lake Less Ness Dark Entries
Soft Metals No Turning Back Lenses Captured Tracks
Skinny Puppy God's Gift (Maggot) Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse Capitol
Lust For Youth Champagne Growing Seeds Sacred Bones