Apartment 5

baby d

whatup birds.

yr man baby d here.

just another monday morning.

you know the drill.

no big whoop.

- baby d 


General Good Vibes & Indie Pop & Twee

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Monday 1/06/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Go Sailor Last Year
Smog I Was a Stranger 'Neath the Puke Tree Drag City
Sister Rain Burt Reynolds The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol. 1
Shoestrings Timeline Wishing on Planes
Lorelei Mimesis One Last Kiss
Toxie Haunted Playground toxie.bandcamp.com
Arp Judy Nylon More Smalltown Supersound
Alaska King of the Class
Fat Tulips On the Seventh Day
Dirtbombs Crazy For You Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! In the Red
Field Mice Fabulous Friend
Ginger Bottles Unwind
Audacity Hole In the Sky Butterknife Suicide Squeeze
Stormboys Wasted On Me
Single Factor Fresh Upon Her Lips
Penny Priest Sometimes
Catherine Wheel Last Explanation
Cheap Time Kill the Light Exit Smiles In the Red
Little Rabbits The Daily Train
Dandelion Wine High and Low
The Avons Seeing Things
Stephen Steinbrink Brand New Manic Brain Holder Arranged Waves
Love Set Small Town Parties Beat All the Tambourines Beat All the Tambourines
Radiant Living Radiant Living The School of Radiant Living Radiant
Gooch Palms We Get By Novo's Anti Fade
Oh-OK Person Wow Mini Album
The Hardy Boys Let the World Smother You
Start! Words You've Never Heard
The Arc Lamps Good Friday
Don't Be Kate! 7 Months Later still Running
Bedhead Lepidoptera
Hellfire Sermons Rachel Clean
Yoko Ono I Want My Love to Rest Tonight