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Robin Redbeast

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Thursday 1/02/2014 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Butthole Surfers The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave s/t
Butthole Surfers Sweatloaf Double Live
Bunny Brains How am I Supposed to Tell you I love you (when your dick's stuffed in my mouth) sin gulls goring st eddy 1988-1998
Lee Harvey Oswald Band Jesus Never Lived on Mars A Taste of Prison
GG Allin and Bulge Legalize Murder Legalize Murder 7"
GG Allin and Bulge Suck My Ass (it smells) Legalize Murder 7"
Brainbombs No Guilt Brainbombs Singles Compilation vol.1 Load
Dwarves Motherfucker Sub Pop singles club
The Spits Let us Play your Party s/t 2002
The Swans Cop Cop
Devo I Need A Chick Hardcore Volume 2 Booji Boy/Superior Viaduct
Crass Asylum The Feeding of the 5000 Crass recs
Crass do they owe us a living? The Feeding of the 5000
Harry Pussy Sex Problem You'll Never Play this Town Again Load
Sneaky Pinks Loner with a Boner Loner w/a Boner 7"
Trashies Sweatpants Boner Life Sucks Trash Fuck
Nigel Peppercock Here Comes the Bobbies The New Way Life is Abuse
Zeni Geva Auto-Fuck 10000 Light Years Neurot
God Bullies Let's Go to Hell Dog Show AmRep
Cows Chow Daddy has a Tail! AmRep
Tampax Most of Side A Sorry Not Tonight Attack Junk
Country Teasers Obey Live Album In the Red brainbombs cover
Country Teasers todttll The Secret Weapon Revealed at Last, or Full Moon Empty Sportsbag In the Red
Dayglow Abortions I killed Mommy Out of the Womb
Dayglow Abortions Black Sabbath Feed us a Fetus
Rapeman Superpussy Budd
Big Black My Disco Headache
Wendy O Williams I Love Sex WOW Passport
Plasmatics Fast Food Service Beyond the Valley of 1984 Stiff
Killdozer Space 1999 Twelve Point Buck Touch and Go
Killdozer Never Gave me a Kiss Little Baby Buntin'
Lubricated Goat Can't Beleive we're Really Making Love The Devil's Music
Rudimentary Peni Side A Cacophony Outer Himalayan
SPK Despair Leichenschrei Normal
H.O.F. with White Drugs Arse Face - Slicker Than Shit 25th Anniversary Bash Outdoor & Indoor Music / Art Festival Non-Collector Scum CD AmRep H.O.F. is halo of flies?
The Mentally Ill Doggie Sex Gacy's Place the Undiscovered Corpses Alternative Tentacles
Men's Recovery Project Get Your Dick out of My Food The Golden Triumph of Naked Hostility Vermiform
Painteens Desu Evol Yaw Born in Blood Trance "Way Love used to be" run backwards
Turbonegro Hobbit Motherfuckers Ass Cobra SFTRI
H.O.F. with Gay Witch Abortion Die You Fuck 25th Anniversary Bash Outdoor & Indoor Music / Art Festival Non-Collector Scum CD AmRep brainbombs cover
The Rebel Blaze` Children KIT Hook or Crook