Unspeakable Cults


The master of the sacrifice has come again, reaping his harvest of misery upon the altar of Winter, in return granting the dire wisdom of a returning Wothanaz.  With thrashing of birch and the rattling of chains, the goat-beast has been sent by the Malefactor to take wicked children down to the pit.  In their place are left the seasoned offerings of 1984 and 1999.


 Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

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Tuesday 12/24/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Pseudogod Saturnalia (Night of the Return) Deathwomb Catechesis Hells Headbangers Commence the rites of the cult of Jupiter! Crush the false prophet with a soundtrack provided by the best album of 2012!
Profanatica Betrayal of the Lamb Profanatitas De Domonatia Hells Headbangers I've had enough of his bullshit anyway.
Saxon Sacrifice Sacrifice UDR Thanks for the request!
Gorgoroth Crushing the Scepter (Regaining A Lost Dominion) Pentagram Regain For the imminent return of the old ways.
Mortefautre La Duchesse aux Pendus L’Exécrable Symbole Défraichi Preposterous Creations Kicking off the Christmas Kvltsette from Wothanaz with some Occitan Medieval Black Metal.
Unru Zwischen Ungeheuern und dem Möglichen Demo MMXIII Caligari Records Noisy German black/punk.
Recluse Exsanguinary Purification Demo MMXIII Graceless La Legion Noire worship featuring members of Cobalt.
Malthusian Hallucinogen MMXIII Invictus From the ashes of Altar of Plagues arises this Irish black/death cult.
Vilkacis Blood Dream in the Fever of War The Fever of War Psychic Violence Featuring members of Fell Voices and Ruin Lust.
Dressed in Streams No Atonement The Search for Blood Colloquial Sound Post-colonial black metal concluding our KVLTSETTE for the night, courtesy of the mighty Wothanaz.
Hate Eternal Spiritual Holocaust Conquering the Throne Wicked World/Earach Leading the triumph of tonight's Best of 1999 set, the finest effort from Erik Rutan's band. This song, written by Doug Cerrito (ex-Suffocation), is easily one of the three best in that band's catalogue.
Deeds of Flesh Lustmord Path of the Weakening Unique Leader The finest of Deeds's work, featuring a two-guitar attack and their most inventive writing - perhaps with the exception of 1998's Inbreeding the Anthropophagi. Nonetheless, a seminal brutal death metal album.
Devourment Shroud of Encryption Molesting the Decapitated United Guttural The sole work to truly shine in an otherwise unremarkable full-length discography and a highlight among 1999's death metal releases.
Abigor Utopia Consumed Channeling the Quintessence of Satan Napalm The last great release from Abigor (unless you're a fan of their spazzy post-reunion work). Profoundly intense, with their signature musicality and raw feel.
Darkmoon From The Moons Mist We Rise Seas of Unrest Music For Nations Mighty and triumphant battle opus featuring Jon Vesano on bass and vocals prior to his joining Nile. Masterful black/death metal.
Windir Svertasmeden og Lundamyrstrollet Arntor Head Not Found Concluding the 1999 set with Windir's finest, a masterpiece of melancholic folk/black metal.
Queensryche Warning The Warning EMI Powerful opener to a techno-cultural critique of the highest order, and Queensryche's crowning achievement (if that title does not belong to Operation: Mindcrime). Opening our Best of 1984 set.
Jag Panzer Symphony of Terror Ample Destruction Iron Works Landmark album in the US Power Metal scene and one of the enduring classics of the genre.
Oz Turn The Cross Upside Down Turn The Cross Upside Down Typhon Wave Thanks for the request! Legendary cult band featuring "cover model" participation from Quorthon.
Metallica Creeping Death Creeping Death 12" MLP Elektra One of the well-known classics from Metallica's good years, just be thankful that I have restrained myself to playing only one.
Siege Cold War Drop Dead Lost & Found Groundbreaking release of frantic, aggressive hardcore that massively influenced the development of grindcore.
Judas Priest The Sentinel Defenders of the Faith CBS One of the finest tracks from one of the strongest cheese-era (post-Stained Class) Priest albums, with mighty riffage and one of Halford's best performance.
Lykathea Aflame To Become Shelter and Salvation Elvenfris Obscene Landmark 2000 release that I criminally left out when I played my Best of 2000 set last week. It was on the list, I swear.
Summoning The Shadow Lies Frozen On The Hills Stronghold Napalm Thanks for the request!
Nefandus Att Fira Jesu Dod The Nightwinds Carried Our Names Secula Delenda Classic, formative release of Orthodox Black Metal. Reissue from W.T.C.
Black Death Ritual Cease the Triumph of Light Profound Echoes of the End Hammer of Hate Another happy Yuletide carol! 2005.
Infestdead Jesusatan Jesusatan Hammerheart The second release of one of Dan Swano's many side projects, this one is an ode to Our Lord and Savior, the Lamb of Hosts! MERRY XMAS!!!!!!
Forefather Spears of Faith Last of the Line Seven Kingdoms "Ye who seek my downfall, fingers locked in prayer, know my raging steel!/Though your hands be empty, god's will is your blade/I will slay you swiftly"
Wodensthrone Pillar of the Sun