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Thursday 12/12/2013 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
SB After Midnight Acquired Taste After Ours / http://after-ours.bandcamp.com/album/acquired-taste 2013
The Side Step Quintet Kuala Lumper 48 Hours With The Side Step Quintet http://thesidestepsquintet.bandcamp.com/ 2012
Vida Kills & Elhuana Inordinatio Alchemy EP http://music.vidakillz.com/album/alchemy-ep 2012
BADBADNOTGOOD Flashing Lights BBNG2 http://badbadnotgood.bandcamp.com/album/bbng2 2012
Earthquake Island Fantastic The Case of Galastrophy Fresh Yo! /http://freshyolabel.bandcamp.com/album/the-case-of-galastrophy-fy-023 2013
Vlooper Roots Luv COPYCAT (A Dilla Tribute) http://vlooper.bandcamp.com/album/copycat-a-dilla-tribute 2011
JayLotus Namek / Big Bang Thrust EP Gergaz / http://gergaz.bandcamp.com/album/thrust-ep 2013
Mew19 Clock June http://mew19.bandcamp.com/album/june 2012
Wodoo Wolcan Blaze The Haze Remix Good Vibes Boyoom Connective / http://boyoomconnective.bandcamp.com/album/good-vibes 2013
BAHWEE Peach Flavored FLAVORS My Hollow Drum 2010
Evil Needle Hope Cirrostratus Cold Busted / http://shop.coldbusted.org/album/cirrostratus 2012
Kaytranada Killing Scene Kaytra Da Mouse http://kaytradamus.bandcamp.com/album/kaytra-da-mouse 2011
Tuxi Egy Perces (Mentunk) RXP Sunside / http://sunsiderec.bandcamp.com/album/rxp 2013
Headspace Dusty BBump Salmagundi Jellyfish / http://jellyfishrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/salmagundi 2011
Black Jordan Trilly Gates Basement Instinct Keats Collective / http://keatscollective.bandcamp.com/album/basement-instinct 2012
Auditive Escape Nocturnal Peripeteia http://auditiveescape.bandcamp.com/album/peripeteia 2013
Je$u$ YOrgan Schlefien Gergaz / http://gergaz.bandcamp.com/album/schleifen 2013
Melodiesinfonie The Magic Number 88 In Your Mood EP Gergaz / http://gergaz.bandcamp.com/album/in-your-mood-ep 2012
Capella Night by Night 2012: A Space Odessey Free Crates / http://free-crates.com/album/2012-a-space-odyssey 2012
Beat Gates Viewer Discrescion Evenings EP http://music.beatgates.com/album/evenings-ep-2013 2013
Sango Why Are We Through? As Always http://sango.bandcamp.com/album/as-always 2011
Mndsgn. Arrows Breatharian Fresh Selects / http://freshselects.bandcamp.com/album/breatharian 2013
Wun Two Slbizia Ships Raidio Juicy / http://radiojuicy.com/album/ships-beat-tape 2013
Weirddough Vertabre Elevatormuzik http://weirddough.bandcamp.com/album/elevatormuzik 2011
EWYC pt II SAZ How You Feel Cult Classic / http://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/how-you-feel 2013
Daimyo 1050 ft. Abgohard Blessed Relief Cult Classic / http://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/blessed-relief 2013
Biga The Visit Mmorees+Nglorydays http://biga.bandcamp.com/album/mmorees-nglorydays 2013
Weirddough Connected Sandwiches&Cereal http://weirddough.bandcamp.com/ 2012
Foner loop #5 LOOPS http://foner.bandcamp.com/album/loops 2012
FloFilz & Wun Two High Above Cosmic Compositions Advant Garde Series Vol. 3: Sun Ra http://cosmic-compositions.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-compositions-avant-garde-series-vol-3-sun-ra 2013
Mono:Massive Sunday Jazz Party Cosmic Compositions Advant Garde Series Vol. 3: Sun Ra http://cosmic-compositions.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-compositions-avant-garde-series-vol-3-sun-ra 2013
K-Murdoc Star Stories Soundscapes Vol. 1 Cult Classic / http://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/soundscapes-vol-1 2013
Melodiesinfonie Mit Farben In Your Mood EP Gergaz / http://gergaz.bandcamp.com/album/in-your-mood-ep 2012
Ta-Ku Dusty #15 DUSTY Vol. 1 http://ta-ku.me/album/dusty-vol-1 2012
JCW Wrong Hood No Good Trips http://thejcw.bandcamp.com/album/no-good-trips 2009
Vanilla Soul Music High Life http://vanillabeats.bandcamp.com/album/high-life 2011
Sphinxxx Je Pense, Je Danse Sphinxxx http://sphinxxx.bandcamp.com/album/sphinxxx 1986
TSOI Battle Stations Knightshift LP http://jamestsoi.bandcamp.com/album/knightshift-lp 2013
Weirddough LieDectectorBump Beatsonmeds http://weirddough.bandcamp.com/album/beatsonmeds 2011
AstroLogical Behind You ft. Kapok TruthSeeker Jellyfish / http://jellyfishrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/truthseeker 2013
Youtaro EX SILK EP http://youtaro-sndbse16.bandcamp.com/album/silk-ep 2013
Teebs My Whole Life Ardour Brainfeeder 2010
LBN667 Dope 3x Machina Let It BE http://lbn667.bandcamp.com/album/let-it-be 2013
baakaT Hung Over Beat Tape 1 http://baaskat.bandcamp.com/album/beat-tape-1 2013
BAHWEE Brandead Headnodders Vol ii My Hollow Drum 2010
Thundercat Seven Apocalypse Brainfeeder 2013
Dj Krush & Toshinori Kondo Ha-Doh Kiu-Oku Instinct 1999
Flying Lotus 1983 1983 Plug Research 2006
BADBADNOTGOOD Freedom / Billium Evans (Prod: Seeds of Yaris) BBNG http://badbadnotgood.bandcamp.com/album/bbng-2 2011
The Gaslamp Killer Fuck Breakthrough Brainfeeder 2012
Jimmy Pe Fairy Tale Fairy Tale EP Gergaz / http://gergaz.bandcamp.com/album/fairy-tale-ep 2013
Mute Speaker Plant Food Spook Meter EP Gergaz / http://gergaz.bandcamp.com/album/spook-meter-ep 2013
Screw My Colt Live@BarakObamaBar Free Crates / http://free-crates.com/album/live-barakobamabar-lp 2012
Esbe Full Moon Away Late Night Headphones Vol. 3 http://switchy.bandcamp.com/album/late-night-headphones-vol-3 2012
Samiyam Wontoin Special Sam Baker's Album Brainfeeder 2011
Nasy Ill Brother Sugi -KANN SEVEN= BOREDOM EP http://illsugi1.bandcamp.com/album/boredom-ep 2012
Space Gang Fantastic Damage Forest Mirrors http://spvcegvng.bandcamp.com/album/forest-mirrors 2013
Black Jordan Analog Is My Only Friend Basement Instinct Keats Collective / http://keatscollective.bandcamp.com/album/basement-instinct 2012
Umfo Walk On By Unfamilliar
Monster Rally Island Heat Coasting EP http://monsterrally.bandcamp.com/album/coasting-ep 2012
Knxwledge Poak[staishi] Karma.loops.pt.1 http://gloof.bandcamp.com/album/karma-loops-prt-1 2012
Camel Crook My Ways In Days Jazzmansion Free Crates / http://free-crates.com/album/jazzmansion-preparations-ep 2011
Jenova 7 Just Chill Dusted Jazz Volume 2 Dusted Wax Kingdom / http://jenova7.com/album/dusted-jazz-volume-two 2012
Nicholas Chueung Glorious and Free I AM Cult Classic / http://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/i-am 2013
KOGNITIF SOUL AND BLADE MY SPACE WORLD http://kognitif.bandcamp.com/ 2012
Youtaro Reminisences Chillin U EP http://youtaro-sndbse16.bandcamp.com/album/chillin-u-ep 2013