The Living Dead At Davis

Doctor Captinn & KayVee & Monsterella

Get out your black eyeliner and stompin' boots, kiddies!


Crypt Showtunes & Werewolf Blues

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Saturday 12/14/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Prodigy Invaders Must Die Invaders Must Die Essential Music Records 2009
Pendulum Salt in the Wounds Immersion Atlantic Records 2011
Knife Party Power Glove Haunted House Earstorm Records 2013
Combichrist But Royale Single Bractune Records 2004
Wumpscut Rusty Nails From Hell Schadling Metropolis Records 2008
Hocico I Want To Go To Hell Tiempos de Furia Metropolis Records 2010
Psyclon Nine As You Sleep Divine Infekt Noitekk Records 2007
Helltrash Cannibal Bossfight Self Release 2010
Genitorturers Public Enemy #1 Flesh is the Law Retribution Music 2007
Schoolyard Heroes Serial Killers Know How To Party Fantastic Wounds The Control Group Records 2005
KMFDM Free Your Hate Hau Ruck Metropolis Records 2005
Pig No One Gets Out of Her Alive No One Gets Out of Her Alive JVC Records 2000
Oomph Labyrinth Truth or Dare The End Records 2010
Eisbrecher Angst Eisbrecher Dancing Ferret Records 2010
Faderhead TZDV FH3 L-Tracks Records 2008
Blutengle Cry Little Sister The Oxidising Angel Metropolis Records 2005
Dir En Grey Obscure Vulgar Sony Japan 2003
Aural Vampire Cannibal Coast Zoltank Avex Records 2010
VNV Nation Chrome Matter + Form Metropolis Records 2005
The Birthday Party Release the Bats The Peel Sessions Strange Fruit Records 1988
MDFMK Witch Hunt MDFMK Universal Records 2000
The Newlydeads Terrible Lie A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails Tributized Records 2004
Dr. Steel Inspector Gadget The Doctor Steel Collection World Domination Toys Records 2003
Cruxshadows Birthday Dreamcypher Wishfire Records 2007