Unspeakable Cults


The Roman histories present us with a picture and definition of tyranny that often rests upon the manipulation of a desperate population to wrest power from the entrenched oligarchy and place it in the hands of a single despot.  Subsequent revolutions have slowly moved mankind forward toward a true understanding of tyranny: the rule of any individual or class of petty malefactors over the great many who toil to provide life's riches.  These would-be masters have many names, from Marcos to Blankfein and Walmart to Wall Street.  All will pass from this world and fade into the ranks of the pit of history's refuse.  Only the supreme Malefactor can claim such a prize as the harvest of all life for Himself.

Tonight, the harvest yields the wealth of 1988 and 2002 in a display of hideously retrograde power. 

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

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Tuesday 12/03/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Crypt Infection The One Percent Haruspication Self Released 2010 debut of top-notch brutal death metal from Ventura, CA.
Inquisition Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons Obscure Verses For The Multiverse Season Of Mist Brand new release and one of the finest of the year.
Deus Mortem Emanation Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions Another contender for AOTY, the debut of this Polish black metal force.
Nails God's Cold Hands Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013.
Satan's Host Virgin Sails Virgin Sails Moribund Records Another brand new one.
Accept Demon's Night Restless & Wild CBS Thanks for the request!
Liege Lord Fear Itself Master Control Metal Blade Opening up the 1988 set, one of the more melodic picks from this year, but easily one of the finest. Sadly, the final effort from Liege Lord.
Fates Warning Silent Cries No Exit Metal Blade The debut of Ray Alder in Fates Warning and one of their finest efforts.
Deathrow Narcotic Deception Ignored Noise A cult masterpiece of almost unbelievably forward-thinking technical thrash.
Razor Violent Restitution Violent Restitution Steamhammer Punishing release from Canada's thrashing masters, likely the highlight of their career and a major step up from the days of Evil Invaders.
Holy Terror Debt of Pain Mind Wars Music For Nations Masterful final release from Agent Steel's former guitarist, a band that in execution would vastly outshine his previous work.
Morbid Saint Crying For Death Spectrum of Death Avanzada Metalica Perhaps the most vicious release from 1988 and one of the most intense thrash albums ever released, a legendary album now, largely forgotten before the internet age saw its reputation explode.
Behemoth Horns ov Baphomet Zos Kia Cultus Olympic/Century Media The album that would feature Behemoth's finest death metal work, kicking off the 2002 set.
Judas Iscariot With Lust and Murder for Our Drink To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding Red Stream The most brutal of his works, a standout from 2002.
Thyrfing Angestens Hogborg Vansinnesvisor Hammerheart Easily the pinnacle of the band's long career and far outstripping anything that would be attempted by successor posers Turisas, this was a towering epic of mighty folk metal.
Vehemence Christ, I F**king Hate You! God Was Created Metal Blade Thanks for the request! On behalf of Emperor K-slaughter.
Pessimist Metempsychosis Slaughtering the Faithful Lost Disciple The album that truly realized what had been lurking in Pessimist for years, a highlight of the brutal death metal genre that bridges gaps between the Morbid Angel and Suffocation schools with masterful riffage.
Origin Implosion of Eternity Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas Relapse The most simultaneously punishing and epic track in Origin's arsenal, the fullest expression of their character from what is certainly their finest album. A fitting conclusion to 2002.
Runemagick On Chariots To Hades Requiem Of The Apocalypse Aftermath From the band's unheralded mid-period; perhaps not the equal of earlier efforts, but never a lackluster effort.
7H.Target Meatball Machine Story 0.00 Apocalypse Sevared Preview track from the upcoming album by this absurdly prolific and talented Russian band.
Ulcerate The Imperious Weak Vermis Willowtip 2013.
Maveth Terminus II: Hinnom Everlasting Coils of the Black Earth Dark Descent Records
Lvcifyre Nekuomanteion Svn Eater Dark Descent Records From the band's upcoming second full-length release. Features both members of Necrosadist (UK/Cyprus).
Circle of Dead Children Corpses of Refinement a.k.a. The Men Behind The Sun The Genocide Machine Necropolis/Deathvomit
Chaos Invocation Funeral Messiah Black Mirror Hours World Terror Committee 2013.
Cerebral Effusion The Pleasure of the Absolute Domain Smashed and Splattered Organs Goregiastic 2005 (the worst year in metal history).
Tyr Regin Smidur Eric the Red Napalm 2003. The most unique of Tyr's Faroese traditionals, and the one held in highest regard. Rightly so.
Himinbjorg Lightning of Blood Where Ravens Fly Red Stream 1998.