Jazz and hip hop beats, plus a trip to outer space, all peppered with some science and poems.


The kind of stuff that will make you glad it's Monday.


Downtempo & Electronic & Jazz & Trip Hop

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Monday 11/25/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Flying Lotus Tiny Tortures Until The Quiet Comes
Blockhead The Music Scene The Music Scene
Quantic Mishaps Happening Mishaps Happening
Nostalgia 77 Changes The Garden
The Cancel Coffee Time Coffee Cafe EP 2012
Spaceheater Sighting The Record Alpha Pup 2006
Misled Children 3:01 People's Market Porter 2008
Thallus A4 Break Asymmetry Export 2011
TSOI Ad-Libs (feat Loop Faction) Knightshift LP 2013
Daimyo Chick In Space Blessed Relief Cult Classic / 2013
JCW Got2Be Crack to the Future Moontan / 2011
K-Murdoc Coin Toss Soundscapes vol.1 Cult Classic / 2013
Yegor Cergei Akarpes Prospathies Hip Hope Beatquick / 2013
Weirdough Holy The Loop Doctor LP 2012
SB After Midnight Acquired Taste After Ours / 2013
Jenova 7 Out With A Bang Dusted Jazz Volume Two Dusted Wax Kingdom / 2012
Auditive Escape Motiver Profound 2013
P.R. Long Walk Moment In Time Cult Classic / 2013
Eddie 10pm New horizons LP Cult Classic / 2012
SB Somniloqy Acquired Taste 2013
Evil Needle First Look Cirrostratus Cold Busted / 2012
Hill Classics Pool Honeys wolfspiderbicycle Moontan / 2013
Biollante Azure Skies Alone In This World 2013
Nicholas Cheung Lucille I AM Cult Classic / 2013
Monster Rally and RUMTUM Veil Coasting EP 2012
Void Petal Mauser Secret Garden 2 Dloaw / 2013
Esbe Green Eyed Late Night Headphones V.3 2012