Settin' The Woods On Fire


Back finally after 2 weeks...

Whenever I take time off, I mange to come down to the station with WAY TOO MUCh music. Tonight is no expection. There's a lot to play but this Joe Carson record will make it on for sure. 


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Friday 11/15/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Joe Carson Helpless In Memoriam Liberty
Del and Sue Smart I Got You Swinging Country Favorites Somerset
Joe D. Johnson and Bob Mack It's So Good To Be Wanted 7 Acame
Gene O' Quinn Tired 7 Capitol
Lucky Hill Wait For Me 1957
Jack Paris and the Rhythm Playboys Still In Doubt 7 2 J
Jimmy Fauthree Laziest Man 7 Lodema
Mac Curtis Don't Take My Freedom 7 Brownfield
Willie Samples & Ricochets I Don't Care 7 Lawson
Johnny Carver Lilly White Hands Your'e Hands With Johnny Carver Imperial
Johnny Paycheck Shakin' The Blues Shakin' The Blues Johnny Paycheck aka Donny Young Bear Family
Larry Good Money Troubles 7 Nashville
Bobby Barnett We're Heading Nowhere 7 Boyd
Nelson Young Sunrise 7 Starday
Jim Pipkins and Tall Timber Boys The First Hundred Years 7 Lawson
The Lonesome Drifter Do You Ever Think Of Me 7 Ram
Hank The Drifter A Lonely Stranger (Drifting Through You Town A Lonely Stranger
Billy Hall Headin' For The River 7 Glenn
Willie Nelson Lumberjack 7 Nelson Nelson's first single
Bobby Grove I Saw Her First Rockin' Hillbilly Cactus
Cecil Caudill That Country Western Sound 7 Raines
Tommy Boyles We're Buggin Out Country Hicks
Lee Edmond Secretly
Rusty, Doug, & Wiley Let's Stay Together
Carl Tanner & Ineva Buckins We're In Love 1956
Roland Eaton My Baby Walks All Over Me 7 Blake
Jim Single I'm Worried Cause (You Didn't Come Home Last Night 7 Pam
May Hawks Soft Lips and Poison Kisses Hillbilly Favorites #9
Waylon Jenning Nashville Rebel Nashville Rebel RCA-Victor
Joe Carson This Is The Last Song(I'm Ever Gonna Sing) In Memoriam Liberty
Bob Blum Little Pink Elephants 7" Ripcord
Kenny Serrat The Way I Lose My Mind Love And Honor
Webster Brothers Road Of Broken Hearts
Milt Dickey Television Love
Jack Guthier It's Too Late To Change Your Mind Oklahoma Hills Capitol
Hank Harral (I've Got A) Mortgage On Your Heart Tanktown Boogie
Hank Harral (I've Got A) Mortgage On Your Heart Tanktown Boogie
Leon Payne For Rent 7" Dixie
Larry Nolen Hillbilly Love Affair
Al Terry I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way
Lee Finn and the Rhythm Boys Pour Me A Glass Of Wine
Wiley Barkdull Mr. Jukebox
Ted West Parking Worries 7" Republic