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Electro Pop & Indie Rock & Leftfield Hiphop

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Wednesday 11/06/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Globes On Remote Hold On s/t 12 inch 45rpm Ep self-released 2010
Wet You're The Best s/t 10 inch 45rpm Ep Neon Gold 2013
The Boyish Charms Death Song For The Consistently Late Infinity In It's Infancy Talking Helps 2011
National You Were A Kindness 7 inch 45rpm 4AD 2010
Jason Clackley Oh Josie To The Few And Far Between Mountain Men 2011
The Liptonians Destroy Destroy Destroy 7 inch 45rpm Light Organ 2010
Boomgates Natural Progression Double Natural Bedroom Suck 2012
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels Tell Me Why The Dawn Bachelor 2013
Sweet Talk Talk Pickup Lines 12XU 2013
Cheap Girls If You Can't Swim Giant Orange Rise 2012
Ritual Howls Rosabelle Believe s/t Urinal Cake 2013
Contrepoison Heartbeat Until Next Morning Avant! 2011
Deerhunter Memory Boy 7" 4AD 2011
Wrong Words Everything Is Different Now s/t self-released 2011
Sun Wizard Tambourines 7" Light Organ 2010
La Luz Call Me In The Day 7" Water Wing 2013
Swimsuit The Grit s/t Speakertree 2012
Connections Love St. Private Airplane Anyway 2013
Animals & Men It's Hip s/t Convulsion 2009
Sisters Sky Ghost Fits Narnack 2010
Bass Drum Of Death Crawling After You 8 inch 45rpm Innovative Leisure 2013
Colossal Rex Track A4 Every Place Is Sacred EP Mountain Men 2013
Touch Committee Sunshine Suit Winter Beard 20 sided 2012
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Only Loneliness Ready For Boredom RIP Society 2013
Another Saturday Night Smile Slowly s/t Slow Gold Zebra 2010
Mooney Suzuki 99% Have Mercy Elixia 2007
Bright Ideas Hey Light Saturdays And The Turning Tide Squirmy Records 2012
Bright Beast Allergy s/t 12 inch self-released 2012
Wet Dreams s/t 10 inch Neon Gold 2013
Wizard Are Real Stay Golden s/t self-released 2011
Shuteye Unison Better Hallway Vision Our Future Selves Parks And Records 2012
Times New Viking Middle Class Drags Over & Over EP Siltbreeze 2012
Aliens Moving Parts Head First Misc-Music 2008
Vilent Lovers Club Uptight N.B.S.N.C. Big Neck 2006
Submarine Races Harlem Bells Hard To Look At And Easy To See In The Red 2008
Native Cats C of O Dallas RIP Society 2013