Apartment 5

baby d

whatup dudes

it's yr man

baby d

sitting in with

my number one dogs

(and actual previous

tenants of apartment 5),

mike and alyssa.

big tings agwan today.

let's hit it hard.

- baby d 


Indie & Monday Morning Jams & Pop & Twee

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Monday 11/04/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Exlovers Starlight, Starlight
Our American Cousins One Wish Too Many
Brave Irene No Fun
TWA Toots Shoe-Bop
Dolly Mixture In Your Eyes Demonstration Tapes
Be Forest Captured Heart
Nomad Pop Best Man
Penny Candles Memory Box
Cass McCombs There Can Only Be One Big Wheel and Others Domino
Arctic Circle Prancing Queen 2009 EP
Arctic Circle Prancing Queen 2009 EP
Las Pulpas Me Estoy Cansado
Las Pulpas Me Estoy Cansado
Rorschach Gabriel
The Postcards Watch the Skies The Postcards/Yellow Melodies Split Cloudberry
The Ruby Suns Dramatikk Christopher Sub Pop
The Ruby Suns Dramatikk Christopher Sub Pop
The Kensingtons Intercity Baby '94 The Death of Middle Englad thekensingtons.bandcamp.com
Acid House Kings Swedish Hearts Mondays Are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
She Splinters Mortar Goldmine Straight from Her Heart Die Schwarze 7
The Garlands David
Pablo Met a Girl Loma Prieta
Little Wings Look at What the Light Did Now Light Green Leaves (LP) K
Mayen Carpark
The Singing Curtains While the Children Build Sandcastles I Can Sail and Windsurf
Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers Naked Sire
Papas Fritas Wild Life Papas Fritas
The Woolen Men Donkey Island Dog Years Dog's Table
The Springfields Tomorrow Ends Today
Catnaps Cherry Lips
Privacy ? Songs Marriage
The Ropers Sweet Lord I Know
The Softies The Places We Go
Ted Lucas It's So Easy When You Know What You're Doing