Beyond the Stench of Death


Need some fast and furious? Make time for a Thrashing tonight. I'm playing Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Agent Steel and a mosh pit of others for your enjoyment.

Metal Bands, submit your music for airplay to:


14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Both Kinds (Heavy & Metal)

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Friday 10/11/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Metallica Trapped Under Ice Ride On The LIghtning Eleektra 1984
Megadeth Devil's Island Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? Capitol 1986
Slayer At Dawn They Sleep Hell Awaits Metal Blade 1985
Anthrax A.I.R. Spreading The Disease Island Records 1985
Venom Heaven's On Fire Black Metal Castle Music 1982
Destruction Beastial Invasion Thrash Anthems Candlelight usa 1985. Actung! Time For Some German Thrash!
Kreator as the world burns Terrible Certainty Noise 1987
Sodom Water Boarding Epitome Of Torture SPV 2013. On 45 RPM Vinyl !
Exumer Fire & Damnation Fire & Damnation Metal Blade 2012
Laaz Rockit Say Goodbye M.F. know your enemy Enigma 1987
Dark Angel Immigrant Song Leave Scars Doxy 1989. For Donnie!
Agent Steel Hail To The Chief Alienigma Mascot Records 2007. Hail to the Demagog ! Viva Argentina!
Havok Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death Unnatural Selection candlelight 2013. Anther Obummer administration track!
Artillery Sandbox Philosophy When Death Comes Pacheco Records 2010. Viva Argentina!
Sacred Reich Surf Nicaragua Surf Nicaragua Enigma/Metal Blade 1988
Atrophy Matter Of Attitude Socialized Hate Road Racer 1988
Possessed Burning In Hell 'Seven Churches' Combat 1985
Ghoul Maggot Hatchery Maniaxe Razorback Records Thanks For the band request!
Witchmaster Total Annihilation TRUCIZNA IBEX MOON RECORDS 2009. From Poland.
Solanum Hurry Up And Die Demo Self Released 2013. Some Sacramento Thrash. I believe they are playing at On The Y this month.
Blessed Curse Something Evil Blessed Curse M-Theory Audio 2012. Playing Rock Band University 10/31/13 in Davis!
Blood Tsunami Rampage Of Revenge Thrash Metal candlelight 2007. From Norway.