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Dr. Kelp

more new wave! I'm too tired of organizing it all neatly by label, so it's just going to come at you shuffled.

I'm also subbing the show after this, so you get a bonus 2 hours of new wave! (Do I have a whole other 2 hours worth?'ll soon find out!)

check out my tumblr here for more cool tunes and videos (unlike my twitter, it's not currently flooded with my livetweets of Pokemon X) 


Fantastical & Phantasmagorical

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Tuesday 10/15/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Lion Merry yuujou no uta Merrinology Smart Lookin' Records 1982
Zelda makkurayami ~aru hi no koukei Zelda Philips 1982
OXZ Life and Death Fall in the Night Night Gallery 1985
Boys Boys Monkey Monkey Pass Records 1980-1981 Pass Records
Vector Ultra Cry Vector Ultra (King of Happiness EP) Conneca Record 1989
Tsunematsu Masatoshi Gears Pass Records 1980-1981 Pass Records
SASS The View Plant/The View (single) Floor 1984
Para-Phrase SU-DE-NI !? SU-DE-NI !? Beat Generation Records 1981
The Beet's Violence The Beet's (Violence/Worst Voice single) Beets Records 1984
totsuzen danbooru shiryoku no sekai yokushi onryoku Wax Records 1991
Friction Out Pass Records 1980-1981 Pass Records
EP-4 Broken Bi-Psycle Lingua Franca-1 Columbia 1983
Phew Bloom View Continental 1987
Kataoka Osamu samui oden wa senaka kara samui oden wa senaka kara Aus Records 1982