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end of summer melancholy alt rock deal

I'm switching timeslots! Same time, different day! Catch me on Tuesdays starting next week~

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Wednesday 9/18/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Sparta Locals Violence Summer Second Fanfare Universal
Boat Roots of Summer roro Warner
Nickey moeru manatsu Kiss and Run Ex-Offender
The Shrimps natsu no hana benten asia bentou Benten
Clan Key Super Summer Vacation Good Girls Don't! Neo K.O.G.A.
Spangle call Lilli line summer's end New Season Felicity
Oh! Penelope Beautiful Summer Milk & Cookies Epic
Pete Summer Hallucination Under Flower Nation Compilation 1992-2006 Under Flower
Roly Poly Rag Bear summer summer john's running abcdefg* (I think.)
Luminous Orange Summer Brushes the View Vivid Short Trip (7 Stops Farther) Cream Cone
Hartfield The Door into Summer True Color, True Lie Vinyl Junkie/Clairecords
All Tomorrow's Parties Summer of 69 Sun-Dancer Vivid
Coaltar of the Deepers The End of Summer No Thank You Music Mine
My dead girlfriend watashi no aishita manatsu no shinigami Ixtab n_Ingen
Corniche Camomile Till the Summer A New Step Channel
Roboshop Mania Goodbye, Summer Sun Goes Down Cheer Roboshop Mania Daiki Sound
Flipper's Guitar Summer Beauty 1990 Camera Talk Polystar