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Today, a focus on early Genesis and each members' first solo album.  Pictured is Genesis' first album with Phil Collins as the new drummer and Steve Hackett as the new guitarist.  A set of Yes and Floyd as well.  An (almost) exclusively American and English line-up for the show this time.    

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Saturday 9/14/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Yes Life On A Film Set Fly From Here Frontiers Records 2011; England/Canada
Yes Sign Language Keystudio Sanctuary Records 1995/2002; England
Dream Theater Heart Of The Sunrise Official Bootleg: Uncovered 2003-2005 Ytsejam Records 2009; New York
The Jimmy Castor Bunch Troglodyte It's Just Begun RCA 1972; New York
Mike Rutherford Moonshine Smallcreep's Day Passport 1980; England
Steve Hackett Star Of Sirius Voyage Of The Acolyte Virgin 1975; England
Tony Banks You A Curious Feeling Virgin 1979; England
Genesis The Musical Box Genesis Live Charisma 1973; England
Kansas Mysteries And Mayhem Masque CBS/Kirschner 1975; Topeka
Gryphon The Last Flash Of Gaberdine Tailor Midnight Mushrumps Sanctuary 1974; England
Keith Emerson Montagues And Capulets Changing States Amp Records 1995; England
Spock's Beard Afterthoughts Brief Nocturnes And Sleepless Nights InsideOut 2013; Los Angeles
Triumvirat Panic On 5th Avenue Old Loves Die Hard EMI/Capitol 1976; Germany
Pink Floyd Breathe The Dark Side Of The Moon Harvest/EMI 1973/2003; England
Pink Floyd On The Run The Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd Saucerful Of Secrets Ummagumma (disc 1 of 2) Harvest/EMI 1969/1994; England